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Where Ideas Collide:
Bring your business solutions directly to key CX decision makers within the most established customer care community in the industry!

The past two years proved the value of being together and taught us the art of working apart. Whether you want to target a specific niche as a subject-matter expert, showcase your latest technology, sponsor a community meeting or exhibit at a national event - we can customize an opportunity for you to engage with CX decision makers. SOCAP's 2022 calendar is full of virtual and in-person meetings, providing you with monthly opportunities to showcase your organization.

Schedule a time to discuss your business needs and 
customize an opportunity for your organization today! 

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More than a Meeting:
Find the Right Opportunity to Showcase Your Business

SOCAP meetings range from national workshops and virtual conversations to industry specific summits, regional roundtables and semi-annual national symposiums. What makes most sense for your organization?
Timely Topics - Show your support of the SOCAP community by sponsoring one of our virtual, moderated conversations about the most recent trends affecting customer experience professionals. SOCAP members are eager to join in these conversational meetings, which break open new and relevant subjects every month. Timely Topics are highly-attended and provide insight into real obstacles faced by existing and prospective clients, giving your company a competitive advantage on developing new business solutions to developing trends.

Tech Tuesdays & BP Spotlights - Looking for a unique time to demonstrate your organization's latest technology or service? SOCAP's Tech Tuesday and BP Spotlight sessions provide you with the undivided attention you've been searching for. Longer than the standard sponsorship introduction you might be accustomed to, these (15) and (30) minute sessions allow you to highlight your organization and field questions from qualified decision makers and influencers in the customer experience industry. Schedule your showcase now!

Industry Community Sessions - SOCAP's communities are highly engaged, allowing your company to get connected directly with those CX pros in the specific industry you serve. Spanning from auto and consumer packaged goods to healthcare, hospitality and retail - our members convene bi-monthly, often with panels of experts sharing information on the obstacles specific to their businesses. Take this chance to hone in on a niche-product or service your organization developed and get involved with one of SOCAP's industry communities today. Sponsorships range from one-hour virtual roundtables, longer virtual forums to half and full-day in-person summits. Learn more by contacting us today.

Regional Community Sessions - Get involved with SOCAP members in the markets you serve when you connect with one of SOCAP's Regional Communities. Select from one of 30 meetings already scheduled or collaborate with our team to start something new! Getting connected locally allows you to get face to face with your clients and prospective customers more often than twice at a year at our annual symposiums. During 2021 SOCAP's Regions developed a series addressing the future of work and supervisor spotlight, a multi-day learning event with case studies and research findings, monthly moderated discussions on recent trends and social outings from baseball to Angry Bird golf. Work with our business development team to craft the right opportunity for you!

Education Sessions - Is your team subject-matter experts who want to share their latest research findings, present a new case study or most recent white paper? Then you'll want to be featured at a (60) minute webinar where you can engage directly with members of the most well-established community of CX professionals today. Schedule your time today!

National Workshops - SOCAP is planning four in-person workshops for mid-2022 on topics including Data Reporting | Quality Monitoring | Crisis Management | Customer Journey Mapping. Let us know if one of these topics is right up your alley and contact us to learn more about sponsoring one of our upcoming hybrid workshops.

Outside the Box: White Papers | Benchmarking | Advertising - Our business partners are just as committed to advancing customer care as the brands they serve. Sometimes that translates into more than a meeting. Our development team wants to craft the right opportunity for you to showcase your products and services. Tell us what that looks like for your organization!

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