SOCAP International

Membership Magnet Program


Increasing SOCAP's membership isn't just about achieving larger membership numbers. GreenMagnetsEvery time we add a new member to our community, it helps to strengthen SOCAP's voice and visibility in the industry. As someone who has benefited from SOCAP membership and been a part of our family, you are our best resource for recruiting potential members. That's why SOCAP created the Membership Magnet Program—designed to increase membership with the participation and support of existing SOCAP members as our best recruiters. You can share powerful examples of how being a member has impacted you professionally and even personally. 

This program is simple and offers benefits for you as a current SOCAP member, including some great prizes. The Membership Magnet Program will run through September 30, 2017 with winners to be announced at the 2017 Annual Conference in October.

Here’s how the program works:

First, to participate in the Membership Magnet Program, you must be current with your 2017 SOCAP membership. 

The program will award points to current SOCAP members (called Host Members) who successfully recruit a new member in two categories:

  • Regular Individual Member = 5 points per member
  • Corporate Member (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Business Partner) = 15 points per corporate member

[NOTE: A “new member” is defined as any individual or any company that was not a member of SOCAP in the 2016 calendar year, completes a membership application in 2017 and pays the new member fees.]

To successfully recruit a new member, the eligible new member must complete an online membership application and include the Host Member's name and email in the referral field when purchasing the membership.

Winners and Prizes:

SOCAP will award grand prizes to the top three (3) winners who reach more than 50 points (in any combination of new Individual and/or Corporate member).

Members who do not reach 50 points will be entered into a raffle to win a suite upgrade at The Hotel Del Coronado during SOCAP’s 2017 Annual Conference. SOCAP will provide regular status updates on which members are leading in points. Updates will be provided in our e-newsletter, on the website, and through SOCAP’s social media channels. The grand prize winners will be announced at the 2017 Annual Conference in October.

2016 Highlights

Thanks to all of our 2016 SOCAP Member Magnets, you helped the community grow by twenty-three new members! We'd like to recognize our the first Member Magnet grand prize winnerScott Roof, MAI BPO Solutions.

2016 Member Magnet Runner-ups:

1. Heidi Verse, Guthy-Renker Corporation
2. James Cammareri, Eventus Solutions Group
3. Pierre-Marc Jasmin, Triad Services