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  • Episode 0: SOCAP Machine Intelligence Series Podcast Intro
    Scott Klososky and Corey White look forward into the future and give listeners a glimpse of a world where machine intelligence has become so commonplace that we can’t imagine living without it. In this episode, they review the nine different areas of the machine intelligence ecosystem and what each means for those in customer care, how it might impact the industry in the future, and how you can help machine intelligence provide a positive transformation for your organization.

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  • Episode 1: Robotics
    In this episode, Klososky and White break down a very visible component of the machine intelligence ecosystem: robotics. From Roombas to those rather eye-opening Boston Dynamic machines, robots are becoming increasingly utilized. Klososky and White explore how robotics crosses over into customer care, how it will change product management, and what robots mean for the future, from both positive and negative perspectives.

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  • Episode 2: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    For those mundane tasks at work that everyone hates to do…there’s RPA to the rescue. Klososky and White discuss how RPA, which is a combination of software, automation, and machine learning, will make your organization more efficient and focus your human team members on the more important work they should be doing in the first place. In this episode, you will learn what RPA is, the seven steps to RPA implementation, and how to measure a successful RPA program.

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  • Episode 3: Machine Learning

    Machine learning (ML) is helping to play a role in almost every facet of life today, from the clothes we buy, to the movies and television shows we watch, to the content that appears in our social media feeds. Scott Klososky and Corey White discuss what ML means in the customer care space, the delicate balance that exists between customer personalization and privacy when using ML, and the opportunities and dangers that may await those that are beginning to incorporate ML into their own strategy.    

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  • Episode 4: Deep Learning

    In this episode, Scott Klososky and Corey White take a deep dive into deep learning. Scott will geek out a little bit, as he explains neural networks, the algorithms behind deep learning. Corey and Scott will also discuss how deep learning was developed, how generative adversarial networks (GANs) are helping to improve deep learning, and what all of this means for customer care. 

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  • Episode 5: Artificial Intelligence

    In this episode, Scott Klososky and Corey White will move past the buzzword artificial intelligence (AI). They will examine the different areas of AI and give customer care leaders advice on implementing AI within their own organizations. 

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  • Episode 6: Predictive Analytics

    A lot of times, as humans, we make a bad decision and then go and make the same decision again and again because we are tied to that decision. Predictive analytics can help break this cycle. In this episode, Scott Klososky and Corey White will review the power of realtime predictive analytics. Scott will examine how technology will make predictive analytics more personal, some of the dangers that can be present when we are better at predicting the future, as well as three types of predictive analytics that will transform customer care. 

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More episodes coming soon!

About the Hosts:

Scott Klososky

Throughout his career, Scott Klososky has lived on the leading edge of technology innovation and its impact on the business world and society in general. He is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and provide the logic behind why these trends will alter organizations and humanity. 

Scott is the founding partner of Future Point of View, a technology strategy and consulting firm. He is pioneering the concept of Humalogy® which focuses on helping leaders and organizations find the right balance between technology and humanity. 

SOCAP members may be familiar with Scott, as he was a keynote speaker at SOCAP’s 2019 Re-Imagine Conference. He has also hosted multiple webinars for SOCAP members and appeared on various SOCAP podcasts.  

As a technology entrepreneur, Scott has built numerous successful companies including which he sold in 1999 for $115 million.  

Scott is the author of three books including his latest title “Did God Create the Internet: The Impact of Technology on Humanity.”

Corey White

As a partner and senior vice president at Future Point of View, Corey White is tasked with helping leaders look out into the future and anticipate how technology will impact their organizations and themselves. He is especially focused on the role that machine intelligence will play in almost every aspect of life: from the decisions we make, to the professions we undertake, to how we interact with the world and each other. 

Corey began his career as a journalist before joining Future Point of View. As a journalist, he developed investigative skills as well as a desire to understand complicated topics and to explain those topics in a way that everyone can understand. He is dedicated to offering insights into how complex innovation is dramatically altering the world we live in ways that can be both positive and negative.  

Podcast Archive:

Check out former SOCAP CEO Marjorie Bynum chatting with Dave Knox, author of Predicting the Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between StartUps and Blue Chips.


What is Innovation?

Innovation is for everyone. It goes beyond technology and new products. Check out this video to learn about innovation in customer care.

For more on innovation, join hundreds of customer care professionals at Re-imagine: SOCAP's 2018 Customer Care Conference, October 21-24 in Salt Lake City, UT to explore how the customer care function must adapt to meet the growing future needs of customers.

Moving at the Speed of Innovation

SOCAP International’s Moving at the Speed of Innovation Podcast Series is a special series designed to address the different issues, perspectives and strategies on how innovation is shaping the customer care industry. Hear from subject matter experts and industry leaders as they discuss game-changing ideas, technologies and solutions that are advancing the customer care industry and challenging companies to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

  • Episode 1 - Beyond Technology: Discover the Innovation Toolbox
    Featured Speaker: Scott Klososky, Future Point of View
    Do you have what it takes to design an innovative technology strategy to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced consumer market? Tune in to hear more from Scott Klososky, Founder of Future Point of View (FPOV) and keynote speaker at SOCAP’s 2017 Moving at the Speed of Innovation Annual Conference as he shares his thoughts on “digital maturity” as well as how organizations can adopt a culture of innovation and use technology to advance company goals.
  • Episode 2 - How to Tap into the Power of Innovation
    Featured Speaker: Tamara Kleinberg, LaunchStreet
    What is your “Innovator Archetype?” Listen to our latest podcast to learn more about this theory from Tamara Kleinberg, Founder of LaunchStreet and keynote speaker at the upcoming Moving at the Speed of Innovation: SOCAP's 2017 Annual Conference. Learn more about the inspiration behind Tamara launching her own company dedicated to helping businesses ignite innovation as well as her thoughts on the innovation potential of today’s customer care industry.
  • Episode 3 – Transformational Technology in Customer Care Delivery
    Featured Speaker: Josh Wilke, Director of Marketing, Wilke Global
    Is the customer care industry ready to embrace the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution? With up-and-coming technologies including chatbots and mobile messaging, learn about the ripple effects it has on the delivery of customer care. Hear from Josh on embracing change in the mobile revolution now and whether or not we are prepared for the artificial intelligence revolution. Learn more in-depth in our technology panels at Moving at the Speed of Innovation: SOCAP’s 2017 Annual Conference.
  • Episode 4 Innovation: The Great Divide
    Featured Speaker: Johnny Russo, Associate Vice President of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Mark’s
    How do you drive innovation in your team? Listen to Johnny’s perspective on what innovation means and how he builds trust and empowers his team to take ownership to drive disruptive thinking. Learn more in-person from Johnny as he keynotes at Moving at the Speed of Innovation: SOCAP’s 2017 Annual Conference.
  • Episode 5 – Conscious Capitalism: When Company Culture Drives Innovation
    Featured Speaker: Nathan Bobay, Customer Solutions Manager, Delta Faucet Company
    What is Conscious Capitalism? What traits in a company’s culture allow innovation to thrive? Tune in to this podcast to hear the answers and learn more from Nathan at Moving at the Speed of Innovation: SOCAP’s 2017 Annual Conference.
  • Episode 6 – Digital Assistants
    Featured Speaker: Scott Klososky, Future Point of View
    With the rise of intelligent digital assistants, what are the implications in customer care? Tune in to hear Scott Klososky of Future Point of View re-imagine the future of customer care with these up-and-coming artificial intelligence systems.
  • Episode 7 – Predicting the Turn
    Featured Speaker: Dave Knox
    Former SOCAP CEO Marjorie Bynum chats with Dave Knox, author of Predicting the Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between StartUps and Blue Chips. Dave is also a keynote speaker at SOCAP’s Re-Imagine Conference in October. Learn more about the key insights in Dave’s book that also speak to important role of customer care.



"In The Know"

SOCAP International’s “In The Know” Podcast Series offers insights and perspectives on customer care from a range of industry experts. Catch up on interviews with brand executives, authors, researchers and more.

  • Episode 1 - Welcome to "In The Know"
  • Episode 2 - Kiersti Bird, WhiteWave Foods: Data Reporting in the Digital Age
    How is data reporting changing in the digital age? Tune in to hear Kiersti Bird, Consumer Connections Manager at WhiteWave Foods, describe some of these changes and learn more about using your data to tell the right story to achieve organizational impact. 
  • Episode 3 - Jason Rosser, JackThreads: Effectively Using NPS
    How can you make NPS an effective system and not just a score? Learn from Jason Rosser, Head of Customer Experience Operations at JackThreads, on how using NPS can help your company monitor customer trends, unlock growth patterns and transform the overall customer experience.
    *Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. 
  • Episode 4 - John Gibney, Jarden Consumer Solutions: Rewiring the Digital Customer Experience
    Hear how John Gibney, Senior Operations Manager of the Consumer Services Team at Jarden Consumer Solutions, keeps customers at the center of the experience while “Rewiring the Digital Customer Experience.”
  • Episode 5 - Candace Bertotti, VitalSmarts: Crucial Accountability
    Join us as we chat with Candace Bertotti, Speaker, Educator and VitalSmarts Trainer, about the importance of Crucial Conversations in the workplace and the invaluable education about to take place at SOCAP’s upcoming Executive Summit – April 25 -26 in Chicago.
  • Episode 6 – Shep Hyken, Shepard Presentations: Customer Service Excellence
    Learn more about Shep’s interesting professional background, the importance of acquiring a customer-centric approach in your company and how Shep intends to help attendees at our upcoming 2017 Symposium enhance their customer service skills.

  • Episode 7 - David Burkus, Oral Roberts University: Evolution of High Performing Teams
    Leadership plays such an important role in managing effective teams. Listen in to hear more about this from Best-Selling Author and SOCAP’s 2017 Symposium Keynote David Burkus and learn more about the importance and evolution of high performing teams in today’s workplace.

  • Episode 8 - S. Max Brown, Consultant, Coach and Trainer: Leadership Vertigo
    Take a listen to our interview with Max Brown, Executive Coach, Trainer, Author and Keynote Speaker at SOCAP’s 2018 Professional Development Forum, on leadership and culture. Learn what Leadership Vertigo is and what the biggest misconceptions are about being a leader.