SOCAP International

Webinar Proposal

Are you passionate about a trending customer care topic that you want to share with your peers and community?

We invite you to share your knowledge and expertise on emerging trends, key practices and up-and-coming technology.

Our webinars are designed to offer members additional education and learning opportunities impacting customer care professionals featuring brand presenters.

All submissions will be reviewed by SOCAP's Education Committee.

The following contact information will be used to confirm receipt of your proposal and notify you if the proposal has been selected.

*Please note that you must be a SOCAP member in order to submit a proposal.

Please provide at least one title suggestion for your webinar. Titles should be benefit-focused and spark the interest of potential attendees.
Please briefly outline the educational content of your proposed webinar. Descriptions should be concise, specific and relevant. Also include the benefit to the potential audience.
Please list the specific takeaways that your proposed session will offer. What will attendees learn and be able to implement right away that they didn't already know?
Please list the names of the proposed presenters for your session. Please include job titles and companies. (Note: Proposals must include at least one presenter from an industry brand.)

Thank you for your interest in presenting for SOCAP's Webinar Series. If you have any additional questions, please contact SOCAP at