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Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole with Your Contact Center KPIs

Alan Pendleton ArenaCX

Alan Pendleton

President & Co-Founder

Imagine constantly monitoring a control tower dashboard with 100 KPIs, watching which one goes into the red and focusing attention on turning it green. Since many KPIs are subordinate and interdependent, this can become an endless game of whack-a-mole. Organizations which create balanced scorecards based on customer and business outcomes instead of operational measures will be armed to make better decisions. Join Alan Pendleton from ArenaCX and learn how to separate the scorecard from the dashboard, using the former to assess overall health and drive the business and the latter to drill into tactical details.


The Ghost(s) of Chatbots Past & What's Next

Jeff Fettes 2021

Jeff Fettes

Chief Executive Officer, Laivly
Founder, 24-7 Intouch

Chatbots seemed like a natural evolution for CX and many companies were quick to ride the first wave - but did they deliver on their promise? Technology has changed almost everything about chatbots since they were introduced so now we face the challenge of which options to adopt in order to maximize operational efficiencies while still getting the customer satisfaction we aim for. Join Jeff Fettes of Laivly for this interactive session, and be introduced to a solid framework for identifying your contact types and workflows, and evaluating the suitability of chatbots, agent assist or high value human interaction.


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How to Write FAQs that Answer Customers' Questions
and Feed Useful Content to Chatbots

Leslie O'Flahavan E-WRITE

Leslie O'Flahavan

Principal and Owner

 For better or worse, most companies offer customers an FAQ section on their website with the hope that customers will read the FAQs, get the answers they need, and avoid contacting Customer Care. In some rare companies, the FAQs do work this way, but in most companies, the FAQs are a hodge-podge of frequently/infrequently asked questions, marketing copy, and outdated content. Many FAQs are poorly organized, difficult to search, and tedious to read.

 While it’s always a problem when self-service content doesn’t do its job, it’s an even bigger problem for companies using a chatbot, which may be programmed to offer customers FAQs verbatim or built to learn from existing FAQ content. It’s bad enough when FAQs disappoint human customers directly, but it’s a terrible customer experience when a chatbot tries to “answer” a customer using that same unhelpful FAQ content. The customer’s frustration becomes extreme.

 In this session with Leslie O'Flahavan of E-WRITE, you’ll learn how to write FAQs that answer customers’ (or employees’) questions and provide the raw material to give your customers a high-quality, satisfying experience with a chatbot.


Become BFFs with Your CFO

How to Make Your Operations Truly Agile

Amanda Malach ArenaCX

Amanda Malach

Senior VP, Finance & Marketing

The volatility and uncertainty of the last year has taught us that it is more important than ever for businesses to be nimble, flexible and cash conservative. Yet, how many departments are truly agile: able to react quickly to bursts in volume; able to cut costs without painful layoffs if business conditions suddenly change; able to easily adapt their team capacity to seasonal demand throughout the year? This session with Amanda Malach of ArenaCX will discuss how your staffing model is perhaps holding you back from achieving the structural flexibility modern businesses need to persist and win in today's competitive environment.



The Key to Better Hiring and Retention

Milan Batinich AW Companies

Milan Batinich

Director, Business Development
AW Companies, Inc.

In today's changing job market, getting the right people in the right positions - and keeping them - is more important than ever. Attend this enlightening and highly-interactive session, moderated by Milan Batinich of AW Companies to understand how successful companies are aligning their business strategy with their talent using psychometrics. Gain self-awareness into your own needs and behaviors through behavioral assessment, and learn how employing psychometrics "from hire to retire" can help improve communication, risk taking, teamwork and decision making. You'll leave with new insights you can use immediately to improve hiring, engagement and retention in your center.


Coming Out on the Other Side of Chaos

Tips for Getting the Most from Tech and Business Processes Post-COVID

Dan Hawvermale cropped

Dan Hawvermale

Senior VP of Global Sales


The 2021 business landscape is still being shaped by the challenges we all faced in 2020. Everyone quickly pivoted and adapted to an ever-changing work environment. What happens now that we've pushed, or been pushed, where we never thought we could go? During this session, Dan Hawvermale of Faye will focus on the silver lining and help transform the changes we experienced during a world-crisis, into tangible, lasting business practices. We will identify outcomes - both positive and negative - regarding processes and technology and learn how to move forward with more viable solutions.


Rethinking Today's KPIs
to More Accurately Reflect Quality Customer Experience

Beth Ziff Premiere Response

Beth Ziff

EVP,  Customer Engagement 
Premiere Response

Experts are reporting that customer expectations exponentially advanced during the pandemic year, leaving companies wondering if typical KPIs are still providing a clear enough picture of customer experience. Does NPS still matter? Is there a blind spot in your customer journey model? In this session, Beth Ziff from Premiere Response will identify and normalize new KPI models like the Customer Effort Index, which can replace or provide additional context to standard measures, and show attendees how to assign an effort index to each stage of the journey to help surface insights for their organization.


Outliers and Black Swans

Preparing Your Organization for the Next Systemic Shock

Alan Pendleton ArenaCX

Alan Pendleton

President & Co-Founder

There may not be another event exactly like that of the last year, but the past few decades have shown that black swan events can and do happen. Choosing to ignore these events in our models and plans for the future, by excluding them as outliers, is risky and unwise. How can we prepare our business teams to swiftly respond when inevitable shocks occur? During this session, Alan Pendleton of ArenaCX will discuss key ways business leaders should approach their organizations to make them more resilient and prepared to handle the unexpected, with ease.