On-Demand Online Courses

SOCAP offers a variety of targeted, relevant on-demand online courses to help you grow your career as a customer care professional. Take these online courses at your own pace:

Social Media Monitoring and Community Management

Social Media Monitoring and Community Management

In this two-part series, PepsiCo and The Hershey Company will help customer care professionals:
  • Learn the fundamentals of social media monitoring and explore appropriate tools and strategies needed for effective social listening and measurement.
  • Learn the importance of building relationships with your consumers and growing brand love.

Email Writing Masterclass

Email Writing Masterclass

This two-part series will help customer care professionals improve their own email writing skills, so they achieve results when writing to colleagues and decision-makers in their organizations. In this workshop, you will develop your own writing skills; it’s not about developing front-line agents’ skills in writing emails to customers. Part 1 of this online course includes hands-on writing activities, so you can learn how to write the subject line and first paragraph as well as how to write mobile-friendly email. Part 2 of this workshop will teach you how to control your tone and build rapport as well as how to write templates to reuse in business email.

Quality Management and Monitoring

Quality Management & Monitoring

This module will introduce the Team Leader/Supervisor to the critical process of Quality Monitoring in the contact center and will address many of the pitfalls of modern-day programs through a focus on best practice approaches. This module will cover:
  • What is Quality in the Contact Center?
  • How is it Measured?
  • The Difference between Quality and Coaching
  • The Hallmarks of a Good Quality Monitoring Program
  • Process Design
  • Scoring Methodology
  • Action Levels 

Create a Customer-Centric Organization

Create a Customer-Centric Organization

The highest levels in the company aren’t always the closest to the customer experience, yet they are charged with inspiring the customer-focused organization. This two-part course is an insightful perspective from someone who has carried the voice of the customer (from a CSR role) to senior customer executives. It details how, along the way, you can inspire individuals, teams and the entire brand to become more focused on what it takes to win customers. You’ll learn practical steps for ensuring the customer has a "seat at the table" and for infusing customer-focused thinking as a natural and routine practice.

Small Win Coaching

Small Win Coaching - How to Change Behavior in 1 Day While Strengthening the Agent-Supervisor Bond

In this program, participants will learn:

  • The difference between Developmental and Evaluative Coaching
  • How to identify a “small win opportunity” in calls, email, live chats and social media interactions
  • The 1-day coaching cycle that gets observable and measurable results
  • Making positive or corrective feedback sound natural and sincere
  • Overcoming resistance to feedback
  • How to help supervisors develop as coaches
  • Practice exercises Managers can use with New Supervisors
  • Case study examples from 3 different industries about how the “small win” approach improved results


Forecasting, Staffing and Scheduling

This online course will introduce the Team Leader/Supervisor to the key area of Forecasting, Staffing and Scheduling, which is comprised of 3 critical components:

  1. Forecasting volume and work load
  2. Determining how many staff members are needed to support volumes
  3. Importance of scheduling correctly to optimize the Customer Experience

This online course will provide an overview for how these different aspects work together and the common pitfalls to be avoided.

How to Manage VOC

How to Manage Voice of the Customer, Quality and Team/Agent Performance

Take advantage of this professional development opportunity for your staff team! SOCAP is pleased to offer this self-paced online course on How to Manage Voice of the Customer, Quality and Team/Agent Performance. This online course includes:

  • Three on-demand sessions (modules you complete at your own pace):
    • Hearing the Voice of the Customer
    • Quality Management & Monitoring
    • Managing Teams & Agent Performance
  • PLUS three sessions featuring brand case studies from:
    • Coca-Cola
    • Rogers
    • WhiteWave Foods

How to Write to Customers in Your Company's Brand Voice

How to Write to Customers in Your Company's Brand Voice

In marketing campaigns, most companies use a helpful, friendly brand voice. On YouTube and in TV ads, in promotional offers and in email blasts, your company's brand voice is probably engaging, even playful. But when customer service agents write to customers via email, live chat, or even social media, they may use a wordy, legalistic, dry, or formal voice. For a seamless customer experience, your customer service team should "sound" like your company's advertisements, retail employees, or even your phone reps. In this webinar, you will learn how to identify your company's brand voice and teach your customer service agents to write in that voice. You'll also learn how using a consistent brand voice improves first contact resolution.

You will learn:

  • What brand voice is and how it affects your relationship with customers
  • Why an unfriendly customer service voice makes customers more difficult to serve
  • How to describe your company's brand voice so you can use it when you write to customers
  • How to understand brand voice by working with your company's marketing department
  • How to enable your customer service agents to use your brand voice

Check out this video for a sneak peek of this online course:

Elements of Effective Customer Engagement

Elements of Effective Customer Engagement

This three-part course series will examine how smart consumer engagement strategies can optimize the customer experience and build loyalty.

Attendees will hear from industry experts from E & J Gallo, Domino’s, The Center for Client Retention and Astute Solutions as they discuss ways to show the value of consumers, along with sharing an array of tools to facilitate communication, learning, and collaboration, and the relevant metrics for customer engagement. Other topics to be addressed include the future role of the contact center in engagement.

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Training Now

Training Now! Best Practices for Updating Your Training for Faster Learning

In this three-session online course, learn about story-based learning, gamify your training and micro-learning with major results. Participants will learn:

  • How to craft a single story that illustrates each of your training’s key learning points.
  • How to place learners into a story and get them use the training’s key learning points.
  • How to sing a story to introduce or wrap-up learning so it is never forgotten.
  • How games make learning happen faster.
  • How to make sure you design learning games instead of just time-wasters.
  • Using the elements of timing, scoring, escalation and rewards to teach learners of all ages.
  • Theories that support micro-learning.
  • How to identify the right learners and topics.
  • Examples of micro-learning activities.
  • How to use micro-learning to reinforce or advance skills.

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Creating and Executing Effective Customer Experience Strategies for Any Business

Creating and Executing Customer Experience Strategies for Any Business

What’s your next move? Building the case for an effective CX Strategy across the enterprise. Being a customer-centric company isn’t just about having the best customer service people….it’s also about ensuring that every function in the organization is aligned to this goal. And in our fast-paced world of tweets and texts, keeping all functions aligned to that goal is necessary and challenging at the same time. And engaging our business partners, be they HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Technology or Customer Service is the first step. In this highly interactive session, we’ll talk about:

  • Customer Experience strategies – what they are and why they matter
  • Are you easy to do business with?
  • Customer Touch Points – who are your customers and how do they interact with us?
  • Keeping customers who are satisfied AND loyal
  • Understanding the role of social media in any CX strategy

Attendees will discuss real companies and real stories about customer experience journeys and challenges with a light mix of academic learning so we can apply the principles to our companies.

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Tools for Basic Reporting

Tools for Basic Reporting

Join WhiteWave Foods and Vera Bradley for this basic introduction to creating reports in Excel. Participants can expect to gain hands on experience in the following skills:

  • Preparing data
  • Conditional formatting
  • Building the basic pivot table
  • Maneuvering and updating the pivot table
  • How to build slicers
  • How to create buttons
  • How to create charts that look like a dashboard report
  • How to update reports

Whether you are new to Excel reporting or are looking to brush up on your skills, this course will prepare you for more advanced training in creating and maintaining the tools that are an essential part of consumer care functions.

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Live Chat with Customers: How to Do it Right

Live Chat with Customers: How to Do it Right

This online program will equip you with essential skills to leverage live chat in your customer care and engagement operations. This comprehensive three-part training course on live chat and how to get measurable results is perfect for your entire team, including agents, managers or supervisors.

Customers love chat. Across demographics, they’re using it to connect with companies. Whether your customer care organization is already chatting with customers or you’re planning to launch chat, you need to know how to do chat right. Enroll in this three-session online course, and you’ll learn:

  • How to develop high-quality chat
  • How to choose agents who can chat with customers
  • How to measure the quality of your chat communication
  • How to tell whether your team is succeeding at chat

During this short course, Leslie O'Flahavan will share real-life successes in chat, including a brand case study from Jockey International. Glean insights from their experiences with chat and enhance your operations.

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Social Customer Care Certificate Program

SOCAP and WOMMA's Social Customer Care Certificate Program

This online program will equip you with unique approaches to maximize the customer experience in the social space and engage in proactive social customer care. Gain insights from leading brands including Adobe, Omaha Steaks, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Capital One, Ford and Nissan.

The following topics will be covered in the Social Customer Care Certificate Program:

  • Supporting Your Social Media Operations: Staffing and Structure
  • Supporting Your Social Media Operations: Finding (and Keeping) your Social Superstars
  • Public vs. Private Online Conversations with Customers
  • The Channel-Agnostic Landscape of Customer Care (Branded Communications)
  • Integrating Your Social Media Into Your Consumer Contact Strategy
  • Customer Feedback for Product Improvement
  • Using Social Media for Handling a Crisis
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