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Submission Requirements

In support of SOCAP's re-Imagine Customer Care Conference, we invite you to submit articles as well as multimedia content to be considered for publication in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Magazine.

typewriter2SOCAP is interested in articles that address these areas:

Applied and Emerging Technologies
Implications of emerging technologies and evolving customer habits and preferences.

Strategic Leadership
Practices and principles of leadership and organizational culture that position customer care as a key asset in organizational strategy

Re-Imagining the Relationship of Interconnected Businesses
Exploring shared roles in the dynamic relationship between brands, business partners, and other stakeholders that collectively create the customer experience.

Re-Imagining Intersection of Customer Care and Marketing
Vital collaboration in the common ground of the customer journey.

SOCAP is advancing the conversation in:

  • Applied Technology
    The tactical implications and best practices in the deployment and use of specific technologies currently on the market
  • Business Practices
    Implementing essential best practices in the modern enterprise with broad application across business lines and sectors. Role and relationship of Customer Care  in the context of key collaborator in the enterprise.
  • Customers and Society
    Relationship between organization and customers and the theory and practice of service, both emerging and enduring. Inclusive of societal and cultural trends in specific demographics and verticals. 
  • Digital Transformation
     Implications of emerging technologies and evolving customer habit and expectations as they change business processes and strategies
  • Managing
    Practices and principles of leadership, organizational culture, management theory, training, HR, retention and hiring.
  • Research
    Report on recent quantitative or qualitative research in the field.

To be considered, please submit all of the following materials to SOCAP at

  • Content Piece
  • Brief Bio (fewer than 100 words)
  • High-Resolution Headshot

Please note: 
Members of the SOCAP business partner community are indispensable contributors to the professional conversation with valuable insights into emerging technologies and business practices. Members of this community are encouraged to speak from their unique expertise and perspective, but all content must be explicitly non-promotional of products and services. For more detailed guidelines contact SOCAP for the SOCAP Rubric for Business Partners.

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