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SOCAP International hosted its 2015 Annual Conference in Florida this past October, and the event included many industry leaders and experts sharing insights on strategies for customer engagement.

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SOCAP International hosted its 2015 Annual Conference in Florida this past October, and the event included many industry leaders and experts sharing insights on strategies for customer engagement. The focus of conference was Customer Engagement: Today and Tomorrow and this topic was clearly top of mind for attendees. One of the takeaways from the sessions was the fact that engagement cannot just be a series of random or isolated activities. Instead, effective consumer engagement needs to be strategic, connected and well planned so that companies can create a memorable experience for consumers. 

As we wrap up our conference discussions, it seems appropriate that the strategy of engagement is the theme of this winter issue of CRM Magazine. For this focus, we’ve collected some great articles that address key topics related to customer engagement—enriching the customer experience, anticipating the needs of consumers, leveraging omni-channel, delivering on consumer expectations and more. The articles also provide forward-looking perspectives on customer engagement to help readers think about effective ways to position their future engagement strategy.

One way to create a unique consumer experience, according to Shellie Vornhagen of Astute Solutions, is to follow the LEAD (listen, evaluate, anticipate, deliver) strategy in her article “LEAD to Provide Differentiated Consumer Experiences.” Vornhagen suggests that it will put companies ahead of the curve and yield plenty of benefits. In “The 6 Rings of the Modern Customer Experience,” Blake Morgan of Flight Digital describes customer service as “the invisible layer around the entire company because of its ability to listen” and offers six elements of modern customer experience that companies should consider.

Customer service guru, Micah Solomon, and Rhonda Basler of Hallmark Business Connections offer us deeper insight into how companies can better understand the needs of their customers in “The Power of Thinking About Customers as Individuals.” Solomon and Basler write that “the group you call customers doesn’t actually exist as an aggregation or an abstraction.” Instead, they recommend companies create more personal experiences for consumers and make great emotional connections.

This issue also includes several interesting articles on important tools for customer engagement. In “6 Reasons a Virtual Agent Will Help You Deliver Great Consumer Experiences,” Jeff Borcherding of Astute Solutions addresses how you can move from transactional to transformative customer engagement by leveraging virtual agents. In “The Dirty Little Secret of Text Analysis,” Robert Potts of Polyvista discusses how to use text analytics to ensure greater success with customer interactions.

We hope you find helpful insights and new ideas on the strategy of engagement in this issue of CRM Magazine. Also, don’t miss our SOCAP Spotlight on Darren Pleasance of Google, a keynote speaker at our conference, as well as a case study on the Target data breach by Kirsten Jepson of Sykes Enterprises.

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Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor