The Real-Time Data Advantage

If you want to transform your contact center operations, arm your team with real-time data analytics.

live dashboardConversations surrounding Big Data often focus on the end result: leveraging data to glean insights on customer preferences and trends, which in turn inform product improvements and developments.

While this output of data is rightfully a priority, there’s another advantage to incorporating real-time data analytics: It can give your customer care teams a leg up, allowing them to properly gather, access and analyze the influx of data coming into contact centers.

Here are a few examples of how real-time data and data analytics tools can enhance your customer care operations:

Data becomes streamlined, and the integrity of your contact center data is upheld. The latest real-time data technology tools can accurately track and combine data from various sources: phone, email, chat, text, social-media posts, etc. In fact, new speech recognition technology makes it possible to convert phone call data into a text script that can be scanned or monitored for trends and commonalities, in real or near real-time. The script allows phone call data, such as reason codes or verbatims, to be double-checked against a representative’s report, aiding in quality control, data integrity and identification of adverse events.

analyticsLive dashboards give a big-picture view. Consider a multitasking customer care representative who is taking inbound calls, monitoring social media and having an online live chat conversation with a customer. Then multiply this by every representative in a contact center. At any given moment, there is a tremendous amount of data being fed into a center. A live dashboard in a flexible format—available in today’s data analytics programs—can help give customer care managers a snapshot of what’s trending right now, across the board.

Managers can discover issues early—and act fast. Not only does a real-time dashboard give a big-picture view, it can help identify positive and negative sentiment, aiding in the rapid detection of product quality complaints or other consumer reactions. With the right data technology tools, time is not wasted pinpointing issues; it’s better spent resolving them.

The latest analytics technology can advance your teams, but it’s only when that technology is paired with the human element that you can have a full recipe for success. By merging real-time data insights with a real person’s perspective, knowledge and experience, you can feel confident your contact center is the most efficient and successful.

Frank PettinatoFrank Pettinato is senior vice president and general manager of multichannel customer engagement for C3i Solutions a leading provider of contact center services for several of the world’s best-known brands, in particular in the food/beverage and retail industries. Pettinato has held C-suite level positions in the consumer packaged goods, business services and technology industries. His areas of expertise include operations, technology, sales and marketing.