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3 Ways to Use Emojis to Drive Customer Satisfaction

This case study shows how it may be applicable for your customer care team.

Cry LaughingWe all have that one friend that adds plenty of emojis to every text they send. Or maybe you are that friend. With more than 6 billion emojis sent a day, according to Applause, consumers clearly have embraced using emojis to express themselves.

And businesses have caught on to the emoji trend by creating branded emojis—there are currently more than 250 branded emoji keyboards in the market!

While emojis are becoming more popular in marketing campaigns, it’s still a new thing in customer service. Have you ever received an emoji from a customer support agent in a text message?

I’d like to share a case study on how the use of emojis resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction for a popular food delivery service.

A Case Study

Heart Eyes EmojiA food delivery service was seeking to increase its customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, improve customer experience and find ways to reduce the volume of inbound hone calls, emails and live chats. The company deployed two-way texting inside of its Salesforce Service Cloud platform. However, after launching texting for its 30-person customer support team, the food delivery company was shocked to discover that its CSAT score had dropped by 20 points. So what happened?

After evaluating the situation and doing some testing, the company decided to add emojis to its customer text message responses to ensure that customers felt the human interaction, even via SMS. After all, when you’re hungry and your order isn’t delivered or isn’t what you were expecting, you want a human to empathize with you over your empty stomach, not a robot.

A 30-Point Increase in CSAT Score

SmileJust one month after adding emojis into its customer responses, the food delivery service experienced a 30-point increase in CSAT, which helped the company exceed its original score by 10 points. Through 15 automations, a two-minute time to resolution, over 100,000 texts per month, and a lot of emojis, this food delivery service is delivering a lot more than food.

The convenience and immediacy of texting combined with the human touch is the winning formula to take your customer service to the next level and deliver you customers the easy experience that they’re really craving. The use of emojis are turning context-less conversations into easily understood human interactions by showing emotion and adding to the customer experience.

3 Tips for Using Emojis

Here are three ways to use emojis effectively to drive greater customer satisfaction:

  1. Stay on brand as a team. Come up with a list of approved emojis to be used team wide; be sure they fit with your brand voice and vision to avoid sending contextually inappropriate emojis to customers.
  2. Use them as a supplement, not a replacement. Use emojis to supplement the responses to your customers, but not to replace words. Replacing words with emojis could be confusing and misleading to the customer. Use them in addition to your support and solution, not as the complete solution itself.
  3. Don’t overuse them. Although it can be fun to have an entire emoji conversation with someone, it can be a bit much when you’re trying to solve a customer’s problem. In our experience, adding one emoji per text message should be your CS team’s limit. Definitely emote, just don’t overdo it!

Jessica HylandJessica Hyland
is a marketing associate at Teckst. She is a New York transplant from Pittsburgh, and loves feeding the squirrels at Madison Square Park. She is a doughnut connoisseur and has a passion for travel and texting. Is your business equipped to communicate with your customers with emojis? Let’s have a conversation: text with us at 855-980-6848 or email us at Happy texting!