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The customer journey is not a new concept to savvy companies working to deliver a seamless, value-added experience for their customers.

The customer journey is not a new concept to savvy companies working to deliver a seamless, value-added experience for their customers. I found this straightforward definition of customer journey from CMO Digital Forum (January 2016): “A customer journey ... tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.”

This engagement commonly results in the purchase of a product or service and ideally develops into an ongoing, long-term relationship between the company and the customer. Integrating social media into the journey offers even greater opportunities to enhance engagement and the overall customer experience.

This issue of CRM Magazine addresses the social customer journey and some key aspects of this journey—from technology to people to process. In “Chat and Small Teams—It Can Be Done,” Jon Cox offers us an insightful case study on how his company, WellPet, integrated live chat and the steps to follow. When it comes to mapping your journey, the feature article from Lisa Diehl of Orbitz and Paul Johns of Conversocial, “7 Things to Consider When Mapping Your Social Journey” provides valuable tips for mapping an effective social journey. Among the recommended tips is knowing how to “plan for which social media channels you will listen and respond to,” choosing the right tools and more.

Also, don’t miss “The Evolving Role of Social Media in the Customer Journey,” by Shellie Vornhagen of Astute Solutions that discusses how to “embrace social media as a core part of the customer journey.” Whether or not you’re using social channels,
Danica Jones of advises that companies must be present wherever their customers are, in her article “5 Tips to Engage Customers Before They
Hit Their Boiling Point.”

Communication is critical when dealing with customers in social channels. The article, “How to Write Automated Texts That Sound Human Not Robotic,” from Leslie O’Flahavan of EWRITE and Rich Weborg of OneReach, gives practical advice for developing human-sounding texts that customers can understand and appreciate. We’re also delighted to include a book review from Craig Freeman on Taking Your Customer Care to the Next Level by Nadji Tehrani and Steve Brubaker. Freeman praises the book for offering “very practical steps to apply exceptional customer
care at the highest levels.” 

This summer issue of CRM Magazine is full of great content related to the social customer journey. Also, be sure to check out our Trending section with interesting data points as well as our SOCAP Member Spotlight featuring Ajinomoto Windsor.

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Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor