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Technology is a critical component for delivering effective customer care and engagement.

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Technology is a critical component for delivering effective customer care and engagement. To be responsive and accessible to customers in today’s omni-channel environment, companies must have the right technology tools and resources. While technology alone doesn’t create good customer care, it’s certainly an important driver. Technology allows companies to create efficient processes that ultimately support how engagement is accomplished. For example, having the right CRM platform is critical to better collecting and analyzing customer insights.

Technology also supports the different channels that companies use to interact with their customers—whether it’s through phone, mobile or social. The key message here is that technology must be integrated with a company’s overall engagement strategy, which also includes having talented people and understanding your processes.

Technology is one of the major categories in SOCAP’s new Customer Engagement Framework, and addresses key areas such as phone and non-phone engagement, data tracking and knowledge management. This issue of CRM Magazine is focused on examining the role of technology in overall customer engagement, and we have some interesting articles to share with you.

The feature articles, “6 Strategies for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers” by Leslie O’Flahavan and Rich Weborg, and “Mobile: It’s Time to Take Charge” by Tom Asher, delve into effective practices in the up-and-coming channels of text messaging and mobile. “How to Get Omni-channel Right,” by Mandeep Singh Kwatra looks at the overall technological mediums and how to successfully implement an experience in which all the service channels are unified.

In Thomas Cardella’s article, “10 Tips from the Omni-channel Front Lines,” we take a look at the challenges of implementing omni-channel, which is seen as a requirement to success now in any business. 

Jeff Borcherding discusses practical steps you can take to delight your consumers in “How to Delight Your (Unreasonable) Customer in an Omni-channel World.” Borcherging provides a great tip to “design customer care processes and technologies around consumer needs and tasks, not channels.” This brings us back to the key point of having technology integrated into the company’s overall engagement strategy.

In “Focus Is the Key to Success in Omni-channel Customer Service,” by Joy Bennett, pointers guide your decision-making in where to invest your time and energy.

We’re pleased to showcase Katie Biehl, manager of consumer affairs and engagement at Morton Salt, Inc. in this issue’s SOCAP Member Spotlight. Read more on how she focuses on building a stronger future.

With the quick-changing and evolving technologies out there, we hope you’re able to harness effective practices and tips through these articles tackling the how-tos of omni-channel customer service.

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Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor