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Editor's Letter

Much of what we cover in CRM Magazine focuses on how you spend your days in customer care—helping your team reach the next level of success.

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Much of what we cover in CRM Magazine focuses on how you spend your days in customer care—helping your team reach the next level of success. In this issue, however, we wanted to give you some fuel for your own career, layering in advice from two experts who specialize in helping people reach their full potential. I encourage you to spend some time with “The Brand of You,” by consultant Marshall Brown and “It’s Time to ‘Choose Your Major’—Here’s Why,” by Christopher Ruley of Roche Health Solutions, and definitely work through the exercises they recommend.

Our work and results are constantly being measured, which is why I like to see research that can help us improve our numbers and our workplace environment. Brandon Rigoni and Jim Asplund of Gallup show us how critical “manager alignment” is for team success and give us some best practices for helping agents unlock their potential in “Strengths-Based Development Is at the Heart of Performance Increases.” And in “Getting to the Next Level of Customer Engagement,” Cynthia Grimm and Carla Barker of CX Solutions reveal results from the “Comprehensive Benchmark Study of Customer Engagement,” that show how you can change casual purchasers into brand advocates. Plus, in the case study “And the Silo Walls Came Tumbling Down,” Sally Cordova of The LAMA Training by McKee Consulting, gives insight into how the “Three-Party Promise” is a simple (although not always easy) way to improve your bottom-line numbers. She ends by giving two suggestions on how we can implement it in our own businesses.

We are always looking for ways to break down concepts and give you actionable steps you can use today to make improvements. So it will be very satisfying to read “5 Things You Should Stop Writing to Customers” by Leslie O’Flahavan, because you can immediately change the way your team is phrasing some common responses. And in “3 Ways to Use Technology to Take Your Customer Care to the Next Level,” Natalie Adler Skarzynski of Astute Solutions gives us three concrete ways we can use technology, like chatbots, not to replace agents, but to support them as they strive to give superior customer care. And when they’re able to offer faster and more personalized service, it also “enables a higher level of authenticity and fosters brand loyalty.”

And lastly, I invite you spend a few minutes with Lisa Oswald of Travelzoo in our SOCAP Spotlight. I love her straightforward advice for solving complex problems, and she gives us insight into what she’ll be speaking about at SOCAP’s 2017 Symposium. I’d like to invite you to join us there, April 23-26, in Chicago at the Fairmont Chicago. You can sit in on her session about the “Thank You Effect” and network with some of the best and brightest in the business. Please share your comments and feedback on this issue at