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Change is the only constant. Honestly, the thought is a bit of a cliché. But that does not make this well-worn expression any less true. Clearly, when it comes to the fast-paced world of customer care, the only reliable constant for today is the certainty that things will be different tomorrow.

This issue of CRM Magazine delves into the evolving role of the customer care function. I think you will find the “look ahead” time well spent. For instance, breaking down silos and involving all employees in customer care is a great goal. But is it practical? Bob Azman of Avtex describes how journey-mapping—a step-by-step breakdown of the customer experience—can be used to get the entire organization focused on care delivery.

Trends spotters will be particularly pleased as Jeff Borcherding of Astute Solutions offers several trends that he says will shape customer care by 2020. One of these—the idea that technology will actually become the customer—may cause you to hit the reset button on business as usual.

The customer care evolution may also trigger a “reset” on how companies approach senior level management of customer experience. Trepoint’s Len Devanna argues that a chief experience officer (CXO) is an emerging role within the enterprise.

No matter how the customer care function evolves, John Goodman of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting reminds us that a healthy dose of common sense still reigns supreme in converting consumer rage into satisfaction. He shares compelling results from his firm’s 2015 National Rage Study. One hint: Don’t “handle” your customers’ problems by telling them to visit your company website. When it comes to managing consumer rage, it’s just not cool.

One technology trend that may be heating up in customer care is text messaging. Frank Pettinato of Telerx says a majority of consumers would prefer using text to voice as a customer service channel and, when it comes to Millennials, having text available increases positive perceptions of the company. Pettinato offers several scenarios where text can round the corners for a smoother customer experience.

As part of this issue, we also welcome SOCAP’s new President and CEO Brian Costanzo to our community. Brian is a dynamic leader with years of experience, both in the association realm and in the hospitality industry. He is also deeply committed to the delivery of member value.

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Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor