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Editor's Letter

Change is a constant in today’s business environment. With change often comes new ways of doing things—new technologies to streamline workflow, new business processes to achieve greater efficiency or new teams put in place on a project. We see change everywhere in the consumer care profession. Newer, faster and targeted solutions—driven largely by technology—require customer care professionals to examine, improve and even transform the way they support and deliver customer experience.

This issue of CRM Magazine addresses the major trends and changes impacting customer care in 2014. We examine how organizations can achieve the “ultimate” customer experience and how you can and should be a major player in this process.

In his article, “The Future Will be “Wearable,’” Tim Nichols of Wilke Global offers us a forwardlooking view of consumer technologies, how contact centers of the future need to embrace these technologies and how companies should approach delivering experiences to consumers. Nichols observes that social media and mobile access are leading the revolution that will fundamentally change the way companies support their customers. We see how the customer experience can be taken to the next level in “Moving Your Organization Toward Customer Experience 3.0,” by John Goodman and David Beinhacker of CCMC. The authors offer practical steps for customer care professionals to achieve a better experience while pointing out important pitfalls to avoid.

Several articles in this issue dig deeper into the contact center environment to address ways to improve experience and achieve results. In “One Step Toward a Socialized Contact Center,” Sharon Moon of Automated Voice & Data Solutions offers us an interesting case study on, and how this brand integrated business process automation with its social business culture and reaped big results. In “Six Controversial Ways You Can Transform Your Contact Center,” Peter Schmitt of Dialogue Marketing provides strategies for improving customer experience, while in “A Guide to Developing Leaders From Within,” James Cammareri of Knoah Solutions gives insights on how to better develop team leaders within contact centers.

We hope you notice some of the content changes in this issue. We are introducing several new sections to provide quick, useful information on key trends (see “Trending” section) as well as professional development (see “Best Practices for an RFP”). Additionally, we are pleased to bring back our Member Spotlight section that focuses on the professional lives of various SOCAP members—from the type of work they do as customer care professionals, to the various responsibilities they manage, to the industries they represent.

We hope you enjoy this issue of CRM Magazine. Your feedback on the articles and changes is important to us so please share your comments at CRM

Marjorie Bynum, CAE

Managing Editor