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Editor's Letter

The spirit of innovation is in the air at SOCAP! In this fall issue of CRM Magazine, we delve into the impact of innovation on all aspects of customer care. This focus on innovation will also be front and center at our Moving at the Speed of Innovation 2017: SOCAP’s Annual Conference in San Diego, Oct. 22-25. So, whether you just read this issue or attend our conference, you’re sure to gain valuable insights into the growing influence of innovation on the customer experience.

In “5 Ways to Dial Up Your Innovation,” Tamara Kleinberg, founder of Launch Street and a keynote speaker at SOCAP’s annual conference, sets the stage with her discussion on the importance of innovation within companies. In “Commercial Innovation: What It Means for You and Your Company” by John Stieger of Wilke Global, brands are advised to invest in commercial innovation—a model where “customer care teams across consumer brands are applying technical innovation in customer engagement, operations and how they leverage their customer response data.”

Other articles take a closer look at specific ways innovation can be leveraged in the customer care function. Be sure to check out “How to Build a More Innovative Omnichannel Experience” by Charlie Moore of Service Management Group. Several articles examine specific technology platforms like artificial intelligence (commonly known as AI). In “Piggly Wiggly to Chatbots in 100 Years,” Frank Pettinato of 3Ci discusses how companies have innovated with AI and chatbot self-service. Also, take a look at “3 Reasons the AI Revolution Is Actually Human” by Joni Roylance and Brian Clements and “Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Use Tomorrow’s Tech Today” by Natalie Adler Skarzynski for more on AI’s impact.

Another fascinating article is “Conscious Capitalism: When Company Culture Drives Innovation” by Nathan Bobay of Delta Faucet. Bobay asserts that companies that foster a positive and supportive culture are ripe for innovative ideas. Finally, don’t miss our Speaker Spotlight with Johnny Russo of Mark’s Corp. and his article “Innovation: The Great Divide.” Russo is also a featured keynote at SOCAP’s Annual Conference.

Many of the innovation insights in this fall issue will be covered in greater detail in October. Our conference will feature a one-on-one interview with the Vice President of Customer Support at Fitbit, and will also include a panel discussion on innovation with the founders of some of today’s hottest start-up companies. Also, check out our new podcast series that includes interviews with brand leaders and experts on innovation.

We hope this fall issue fills you with the spirit of innovation! Send us feedback at

Marjorie Bynum
Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor