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SOCAP Spotlight: DJ Capobianco and Jeff Lesser of Twitter

Faster, Easier, Personalized Service...with Twitter

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with Twitter

In the world of digital consumer care, Twitter rises to the top when it comes to how people reach out to and want to be reached by companies they buy from. SOCAP is pleased to have two Twitter executives present “Small Tweets. Big Impact: How to Maximize Value by Providing Customer Care on Twitter” at our annual conference Oct. 23-26 in Orlando. DJ Capobianco is a senior analyst who design research to measure how behavior on Twitter, Vine and Periscope shape consumer perceptions and behaviors on what to buy, who to vote for and what to watch; and Jeff Lesser is senior product marketing manager, responsible for leading the marketing of the customer service initiative.

In anticipation of your conference session on how to maximize the value of customer care on Twitter, can you share one important takeaway for attendees (and readers!)?

The worst response a business can give is none at all. Every customer wants to be acknowledged, and businesses create incredible value for themselves—specifically, revenue potential, customer satisfaction, recommendation—by simply responding to their customers. Every day, customers publicly reach out to businesses on Twitter. It's much better to be there, respond and capture that value than to leave your customer thinking you’ve abandoned them.

The SOCAP conference theme is digital consumer care. What are your thoughts on the future of digital care?

Digital promises everyone efficiency: People now expect to get help faster and easier than ever before, and with a personal touch. Finding that balance between speedy and personal—at scale—is the challenge we are designed to meet. Twitter may be 10 years old, but it was built for a future we’ve just entered: It’s mobile-first, real-time and filled with public conversations about your individual passions and interests.

Twitter is considered one of the most innovative companies on the planet! How has it shaped the way customer care is delivered?

Customer service was the one of the earliest behaviors on Twitter because it’s aligned with what the modern customer expects: always-on, fast, accountable and personalized service that’s frictionless and fun. Since we realized what a powerful tool Twitter can be in this space, we have led the way in building tools and product features that make the customer experience even better.

We’re super excited about the customer service-specific tools we’ve rolled out over the past year. They allow businesses to integrate Twitter into their existing operational and reporting workflow. This integration is part of the key: Not only can businesses better track their impact, at a low cost, they can quickly provide more personalized service that generates even stronger business value moving forward.

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DJ CapobiancoDJ is a Senior Analyst at Twitter. He and his colleagues design research to measure how behavior on Twitter, Vine, and Periscope shape consumer perceptions and behaviors on what to buy, who to vote for, and what to watch. DJ Tweets most frequently about: Twitter, food, music, enjoying the California sunshine, and jetlag.

Jeff LesserJeff is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twitter responsible for leading the marketing of the customer service initiative. When going beyond 140 characters Jeff likes to snowboard, bike, listen to music and try new beers and whiskey.