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Editors LetterSOCAP International is proud to bring you this special issue of CRM Magazine focused on digital consumer care. It’s full of valuable insights on the impact that the digital world has on customer care. It’s also the theme of our 2016 Annual Conference that takes place Oct. 23-26 in Orlando, and we purposely developed this issue to reinforce many of the discussions we’ll be having at our conference and to offer our members a broader view on digital consumer care.

The feature articles really set the stage for ways to leverage digital consumer care. In “3 Keys to Winning at Digital Customer Service,” Shellie Vornhagen of Astute Solutions discusses the elements of convenience, conversation and consistency when it comes to delivering effective digital customer service. In “10 Customer Experience Trends to Watch” from Lauren Kindzierski-Ziskie of HGS, we examine the customer of the future and trends that will impact customer care. She cites the “explosion of digital, the empowered customer and the acceleration of enterprise-wide innovation” as factors that are forcing brands to “transform the way they communicate and service their customers.” Finally, in “What’s Holding Pharma Back From Social Customer Care?” John MacDaniel of Telerx offers us a case study of the pharmaceutical industry and proposes some helpful ideas to integrate social media more fully within this sector.

In addition to our feature pieces, we have other great articles that address important aspects of customer care. Aaron Dignan, digital strategist and a keynote speaker at our conference, contributed an article (“If the Answer Is ‘It’s Just Policy,’ You’re in Deep Trouble”) that reminds us about the need for sensible customer policies within your organization. Also, we venture into the world of cybersecurity and customer care in “Why Cybersecurity Matters” by Craig Naylor of Cybersafe Solutions. We also tackle recalls and omni-channel—two important evergreen topics in customer care—with articles from Mary Ann Platt of RQA (“Issue and Crisis Management in the Digital World”) and Michael Mills of CGS (“Look Before You Leap Into Omni-channel Support and Customer Care).

I’m also excited to highlight our Trending column, which includes new and relevant data from SOCAP’s Customer Engagement Framework. We’ve increased the number of brands (affectionately called SOCAP Trailblazers) completing our online assessment, which has allowed us to generated this data. We look forward to having more SOCAP brand members participate in our Framework so they can reap the benefits of this tool.

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Marjorie Bynum
Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Managing Editor