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Breakout Sessions

Using Emoji's to Drive CSAT

emojisMatt Tumbleson, Teckst

With more than 6 billion emoji's sent a day, consumers clearly have embraced using emojis to express themselves. Businesses have caught on to the emoji trend as well by creating branded emojis. While emojis are becoming more popular in marketing campaigns, it's still a new thing in customer service. Learn more about this and discover through case study information how the use of emojis resulted in a significant increase in satisfaction for a popular food delivery service.

Conscious Capitalism: Culture Drives Innovation

Conscious CapitalismNathan Bobay, Delta Faucet

There is an exciting new global movement in business called Conscious Capitalism and it is growing worldwide.  Based on the book with the same title and co-written by the founder of Whole Foods Market, Conscious Capitalism is leading the path for businesses to be more people-oriented in order to make a worldly impact and drive successful performance.    

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism
  • Explore examples of conscious businesses (and those that are not)
  • Discover how and why a more conscious culture matters to driving innovation and more

The Hearts and Robots Revolution: Why T4IR (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) is Inherently Human

Joni Roylance, North Highland; Brian Clements, North Highland (Sparks Grove); Michael Wheaton, Alliant Credit Union

By 2020 the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse (Gartner). The pace of change at which companies need to move to adapt this kind of technology is unprecedented, and the potential impact to humanity is terrifyingly wondrous. Unfortunately, most people have barely had the time to understand the technology, or what it means to be a cognitive enterprise, let alone think of what ethical deployment looks like. Join North Highland for a human-friendly intro to cognitive solutions, tales from our experience of the human lift required to execute these solutions well, and some deep philosophical questions about what this technology means for not only customers, but humankind.

Technology Panel: Top Ideas for Leveraging Mobile Now

mobileKevin Platt, RQA; John Stieger, Wilke Global; Doug Rippy, Astute

Learn practical and effective things your company can do NOW to implement mobile. This panel session will discuss the mobile revolution and how this technology is transforming the delivery of customer care. Walk away with actionable ideas on mobile to take back to your company.


The Innovation Un-Session

Facilitated by Jon Hockman

What does innovation mean to you beyond technology? Are there questions or issues related to innovation that you’d like to discuss freely with other customer care leaders? If so, then attend this Un-Session where topics and questions are generated BY attendees and FOR attendees.  No speakers or powerpoint presentations. Just self-generated topics where the conversations are driven by the session attendees and the ideas flow! A facilitator will guide the audience with identifying the topics but the rest is up to YOU. Bring your questions, interests and/or burning issues to this un-session and find your next great idea or practice to take back to your company.

Working Smarter: Gathering Data from ALL Customer Interactions Using AI

Data and AIJoe Wang, UpWork; Pat Nicholson, Alta Resources; Chris Martinez, Idiomatic

Alta Resources, Idiomatic, Inc. and have come together to create a process for understanding free-form customer feedback. The session will cover:

  • How Idiomatic’s artificial intelligence technology continuously collects, codes, classifies and analyzes support teams’ customer interactions – email, chat, social media, NPS surveys
  • The granular level at which the data collected can be categorized – user issues, comment types, sentiments, context, etc.
  • How Alta Resources and uses that data and discovered trends to improve customer service
  • How collected data helps support teams, essentially, work smarter"

Identifying Influencers and What to Do With Them

InfluencerKyle Spittler, Wilke Global; Stefanie Coffman, T. Marzetti

In this session attendees will explore through an informative case study how T Marzetti and Wilke Global mined demographic data by leveraging caller ID technology and used this data to identify influential consumers. This session will also uncover how to analyze similar types of data and use findings to create a compelling story in an effort to enact change within the organization.

chatbots and messaging

Technology Panel: AI for Chatbots & Messaging

Frank Pettinato, C3i Solutions; Alex George, Astute Solutions; Tobias Goebel, Aspect

Take a deeper dive on AI with this panel discussion on the relationship between chatbots and messaging. Get a firmer rooting on how messaging works overall and learn the different messaging features and platforms being utilized. Discover the role of chatbots with messaging and how AI is driving these tools. Through the sharing of case studies, the panel will address practical uses of chatbots (when to use vs. not use) and measuring customer satisfaction. Walk away with ideas on how to create a roadmap for implementing chatbots and messaging within your company.

Innovating at the intersection of Customer and Crewmember

innovationDanny Cox, JetBlue

Ineffective innovation strategies can often wreak internal and external havoc on even the very best companies. Join this session to discuss the importance of innovating at the right pace while ensuring that neither customers or employees experience isolation throughout the process.


Is Your Organization Ready to Use Bots to Communicate with Customers?

Artificial Intelligence

Leslie O'Flahavan, E-WRITE

Everyone's talking about using chatbots, or bots, to make customer care quicker, cheaper, and easier. But is your organization ready to use bots well? In this session, you'll take a 10-point Are We Bot-Ready? quiz to assess whether your organization is ready to use a bot to communicate with customers. You’ll review how successful your organization is at the types of automated communication it's already using, whether customer-facing, such as the IVR, web forms, or hold statements in live chat, or agent-facing, such as hot keys that retrieve knowledgebase articles or email templates. This Are We Bot-Ready? quiz will help you learn whether you're ready to use a bot and, if so, how. 

Customer Experience: Winners, Losers and Must Have Metrics

winnersMichele Crocker, Zenacity Group; Jeofrey Bean, Del Mar Research

The modern day customer is more social, digital and connected than ever before. The balance of power has dramatically shifted from the company to the customer who expects to communicate in an effortless way on the device, channel and time of their choice. Additionally, the best practices, decision making and extraordinary results of the top customer experience (CX) companies have created winners, losers and businesses to watch. This session will offer insights on why the best in CX are better and different for customers, lead in customer advocacy and shape the future of business.

Learn more about the “Must Have Metrics” to improve and innovate CX and position customer care to succeed in this fast paced, ever changing multi and omni channel environment. During this session, participants will learn the best practices of the top CX businesses and receive valuable takeaway tools to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Technology Panel: Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

AI FundamentalsJohn Bere, Alta Resources; Josh Wilke, Wilke Global; Titus Capilnean, Digital Genius

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting, new and rapidly changing field of innovation—full of immense potential yet often daunting to fully understand. This panel discussion will provide important foundational knowledge on AI to help you better understand what this field is and how AI applies to the customer care function. Learn key AI terms, concepts and ideas that you can take back to your company.

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