SOCAP International

2014 Annual Conference

SOCAP’s 2014 Annual Conference will address The Customer Experience Journey as its central event theme. This journey includes different components—from innovation to people—and involves how companies can create a coherent, valuable experiences that meet (and even anticipates) customer needs and interests, build loyalty and empower consumers. The customer care function plays a critical role in the customer journey. 

Key strategic questions to be covered at the Annual Conference through sessions will include:

  • How do companies improve or refine the customer experience?
  • What does this journey look like within organizations?
  • What is the impact of innovation on the customer experience journey?
  • How is the customer experience journey changing the ways companies deliver consumer care?

What is "The Customer Experience Journey?" Watch the video below.

2014 Annual Conference Recap

SOCAP's 2014 Annual Conference, October 26-29, at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO, provided an innovative and comprehensive program on The Customer Experience Journey. Here is a summary of key takeaways attendees shared on Twitter:

  • "Fostering innovation involves identifying problems that matter by systematically exploring alternatives and delivering elegant solutions"
  • "80% of companies believe they deliver great customer service, only 8% of customers agree"
  • "In the new customer relationship journey, there's no before, during, and after. It's ALL 'during'. Everything is social"
  • Click here for full summary.