SOCAP International

Healthcare Roundtable: The Consumerization of Healthcare

May 19, 2022


Spring Healthcare Roundtable | May 19, 2022 4pm - 5pm EST | A Virtual Event

The Consumerization of Healthcare and the Rise of Powerful Digital Engagement Tools
with Guest Speaker, Yossi Abraham - President and CEO of Zappix

There has been a modern paradigm shift in the marketplace - affecting the patient journey and advances in technology. Join SOCAP's next Healthcare Roundtable to discuss key factors healthcare providers should consider and implement as they define the future of Patient Experience (PX). Special guest speaker, Yossi Abraham will share successful case studies demonstrating effective digital patient engagements, share the pros and cons of current digital channels and open a discussion on how technology can assist with medication adherence, post-op recovery and more. Register today to be part of this conversation and walk away enlightened on what's next for this niche within customer care!