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Writing Workshop for CX Leaders: Update Your Email Template Library without Breaking the Bank

March 09, 2022
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Writing Workshop for CX Leaders: Update Your Email Template Library Without Breaking the Bank or Shutting Down Your Operation

Date and time: March 9, 2022 from 12 - 1pm Eastern

For: Leaders

You know your customer service agents need good templates to write good emails to customers, but your template library desperately needs an overhaul! The templates are too long and outdated. They’re not written in your company’s brand voice.

To avoid using the old templates, some agents are writing their own canned answers and storing them on their own hard drives, outside the knowledge base. You know you need to update the templates, but you don’t have the budget to hire someone else to do it, and you can’t shut down your operation while you’re doing the clean-up work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn what makes a good email template and how to approach a template rewrite project, so it doesn’t cost a lot of money or time.

What you’ll learn

  • How to audit your template library
  • How to prioritize templates for revision, so you don’t have to do the entire library at once
  • Which editorial changes improve the quality of the templates
  • How to develop a plan for keeping the template library up to date so you won’t be in the same situation in a few months or a year
  • How to involve agents and quality managers in the template revisions

Who should attend:

  • Customer care leaders and managers
  • Knowledge managers