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Central Region Roundtable: Is E-Mail Obsolete?

February 17, 2022
22.02 Central Region

Central Region Roundtable: Is E-Mail Obsolete?

THU FEB 17, 2022 | 2 – 3PM ET | A Monthly, Moderated, Virtual Discussion

As CX professionals, we must constantly track new ways consumers want to interact. Long gone are the days when we were simply answering the phones from 9 to 5, monitoring hold times & drop rates. It seems we’re constantly expanding channels of engagement to meet consumers’ increasing needs. At what point do we scale back? Has your organization ever considered eliminating e-mails as an omnichannel option? How would that affect your consumer satisfaction scores? Join us for our next roundtable discussion and hear from many SOCAP members who have successfully stepped away from e-mail & others who have considered it. You’ll want to hear what your peers are planning for 2022 and beyond during our next informal meeting.

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