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2022 Retail Roundtable: Holiday Hindsight

January 27, 2022
22.01 Retail

THU JAN 27, 2022 | 2 - 3pm ET |Retail Industry Roundtable | Holiday Hindsight

Now that the 2021 holiday season is behind us, join your retail peers for a robust discussion on what processes worked, what didn’t, and what we are still on the fence about. Take a look back and share your success stories with your fellow SOCAP community members during this 60-minute virtual meeting.

We will also be brainstorming topics for our 2022 Retail Benchmarking Survey.  Plan to share what data and KPIs you want to receive from the survey.

Our first meeting of the new year is about learning from each other…by taking a look back, forward, and across the aisle. Oh, it’s also about winning door prizes! A few lucky participants will win gift cards, just for joining and sharing their ideas. You'll definitely want to be part of this discussion!