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2022 CPG Roundtable: How Satisfied Are You with Your CSAT Survey?

January 20, 2022

CPG Roundtable Jan

CPG  Roundtable | How Satisfied Are You with Your CSAT Survey? | Sponsored by Arena CX

THU JAN 20, 2022 | 2 – 3:00 ET | A Virtual SOCAP Industry Community Event

How satisfied are you with your customer satisfaction survey? Join in a virtual discussion and hear from SOCAP members from Campbell, Nestlé & EJ Gallo winery as they share what methods they have found most effective in measuring service satisfaction. From asking the right questions to using feedback for continuous improvements in coaching & training. Special guest Amanda Quinn from Arena CX will be providing insight regarding survey efficiencies during this can’t miss event. The new year feels like a perfect time to set new goals for improving your CSAT metrics. REGISTER TODAY!

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