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Writing Workshop SERIES for CX Leaders

December 20 - March 09 , 2021
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Writing Workshop Series for CX Leaders
This is a (5) part series designed specifically to address & teach critical writing skills required for contact center leaders.

Your Chatbot Needs Better Small Talk
TUE NOV 9, 2021| 12 - 1pm ET
Learn how to create chatbot content to provide a great customer experience and get the social niceties right.

Writing to Customers? Empathy is as Important as Accuracy
MON, DEC 20, 2021 | 12 - 1pm ET
Learn how to develop your team’s ability to express empathy to customers and why empathy is key to customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, and most other performance measures.

 How to Screen Customer Service Agents for Writing Skills Before You Hire Them 
WED, JAN 12, 2022 | 12 - 1pm ET
Learn how to create and score an authentic assessment of an applicant’s writing skills to discover whether they will be good at responding to customers emails, chats, text, and social posts.

It’s Harder Than it Looks: 10 Tips for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers
WED, FEB 9, 2022 | 12 - 1pm ET
SMS may be the most common way people communicate but writing customer service text messages requires distinct skills. Learn which skills your agents need to write texts to customers that solve problems and build rapport.

Update Your Email Template Library Without Breaking the Bank or Shutting Down Your Operation
WED, MAR 9, 2022 | 12 -1pm ET
Don’t put off the needed rewrite of your email templates because you fear the project will just be too big; learn a practical method for getting this knowledge clean-up task done.