2021 Online Learning Workshop: Read Between the Lines

September 30, 2021

Online Learning 09.30.21
Online Learning Workshop: Read Between the Lines

SEP 30TH | 3:00pm -4:00pm ET | Online Learning Workshop: Read Between the Lines

Develop Your Analytical Reading Skills to Understand What Customers Are Really Asking with Leslie O’Flahavan

Your customers are most likely not professional writers. When they contact your Customer Care team, their emails and chats can be confusing, or even incoherent. To figure out what they need and how to solve their problems, you must know how to read analytically, to go beyond the surface meaning and understand the customers’ intent and goal. With so many written channels to handle—email, chat, social media, text, ratings & reviews, forums, and more—you need even sharper analytical reading skills today than ever before. Your customers’ incoming written communications present a wide range of lengths, styles, and emotions – making reading carefully, the key to responding properly and fully.

Join Leslie O’Flahavan of E-WRITE and learn how to develop strong analytical reading skills, enabling you to answer customers’ questions correctly and completely the first time they ask.

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