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2021 Future of Work Series (2): Wages, Compensation & Benchmarking for Call Centers

June 17, 2021

Central Future of Work Series (2)
Future of Work Series: Building a Better Normal

June 17th | 1:00pm -2:00pm CT | SOCAP Central presents: Wages, Compensation & Benchmarking for Call Centers

Managing your team seems to present new challenges with each passing day. After successfully pivoting to a work-from-home environment, many of us are under pressure to transition some or all of our staff back to the office. How is this impacting our ability to attract, retain and provide fair compensation for employees without compromising our budget? In this session we will discuss the impact of $15 minimum wage, benchmarking for wage competitiveness, how performance and seniority factor in, and compensation differentiation for at-home v. in-office staff. Learn how fellow SOCAPers are tackling this critical and highly sensitive issue.