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Webinar - Implementing an Effective Quality Management Process

November 09, 2017

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November 9, 2017 (2-3pm ET)

Implementing an Effective Quality Management ProcessDescription: Curious about how Quality Management can have a positive impact on your business? Learn from UW Valley Medical Center in this case study webinar on Implementing an Effective Quality Management Process.

Valley Medical Center is a textbook example of how a new quality management process can be introduced with immediate tangible results yet without creating significant additional overhead. To help achieve their strategic vision of improving the patient experience, Valley Medical made the watershed decision to implement quality management across its most important contact centers.

Learn from their success as we discuss:

  • Basic building blocks of the quality management process and why they are important
  • Capabilities required to support an effective quality management process
  • Background on Valley Medical and why they decided to invest in quality management
  • What their next steps are as their quality management process matures

Strong quality assurance is essential for any contact center that values high customer satisfaction. Find out how to implement a successful program within your own organization.

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Bryan JensenBryan Jensen, Program Manager, UW Medicine Valley Medical Center

  • 8 years history in Healthcare Project Management at Valley Medical Center
  • Senior Project Manager responsible for oversight of Quality Management Program at UW Medicine Valley Medical Center
  • 16 years experience in Information Technology including and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Chrissy CowellChrissy Cowell, Director of Workforce Optimization, Product Management, Aspect Software

Chrissy is the Director for WFO Product Management at Aspect, has been in the contact center industry for over 17 years, and has worked with various quality management platforms across her career.  Previously she managed corporate quality, compliance, and reporting for one of the largest BPO’s.  In her role, she created and implemented corporate processes surrounding quality and compliance, and worked with global teams to maintain governance.  She also managed the collection and insurance licensing business.  Previously, Christina also held a variety of roles, including account director, client servicing, consultant, marketing manager, and quality manager.

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