SOCAP International

SOCAP Webinar: The Social Customer Journey

May 21, 2015

The super-connectedness of global communications has challenged how companies interact, engage and maintain relevance and trust with consumers. The reputation of a company is no longer defined by what they “report” or what they “say” they stand for. Instead, they are increasingly defined by the shared opinions and experience of socially-connected consumers.

This webinar will focus on answering the following questions:

  • How do companies break through the incredibly high volume of noise to engage, serve and learn from their social consumer?
  • What drives customers to social channels?
  • What tools and techniques can brands employ to follow the path, or better yet, walk in the shoes of their customers when they arrive at those channels?
  • What are the expectations of customers from their brands in the various social channels?
  • What brand behaviors make or break the relationships with the customers?

Registration Rates:

  • Corporate Members (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Business Partner): Free

  • Regular Individual Members: $50.00

  • Non-Members: $99.00


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