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Webinar: Exceptional Service, Exceptional Results: Building the Best Customer Experience to a Changing Customer Base

January 20, 2015
Presenter: Micah Solomon, Bestselling Business Author and Contributor to

Solomon_Micah_headshotJoin Micah Solomon for this enlightening discussion about both what's timeless and what's trending in successful customer service approaches, including the use of technology, processes, and good sense to streamline the customer experience. Throughout the webinar, Micah will offer relevant examples of how companies and approaches succeed (and fail) in today's and what will soon be tomorrow's customers.

Attendees can expect to learn exclusive tips for working with the huge and soon-to-be-powerful Millennial Generation of customers. Micah will also unveil his unauthorized 'Jetson's Test' that you can use to build and plan for futuristic customer service today.

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