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SOCAP committees are a great way to get involved. As a member, you have an opportunity to:

  • Engage with SOCAP and really have an impact on industry issues
  • Build skills and expand your  knowledge to support your professional growth
  • Network with other members

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What does each Committee do?

Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC)
The Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC) is comprised of Business Partner members who have previously or currently supported SOCAP (e.g., sponsorship, exhibiting, advertising). The BPAC serves as a valued, resonant voice for Business Partner members, providing essential feedback on ways to actively engage Business Partners in SOCAP programs and to enhance the overall value of membership. The committee’s success is measured by its ability to recruit and retain Business Partner Members; its contributions to the development/enhancement of tools, programs and resources; and its support of SOCAP’s exhibit and sponsorship offerings at national events.

Chapter Relations Committee
The Chapter Relations Committee is comprised of SOCAP Chapter Presidents stimulate creativity, collect feedback, identify best practices and encourage sharing among SOCAP Chapters. The Committee develops programs to build and enhance the overall strength of SOCAP Chapters and helps to advance the mission/vision of SOCAP by supporting the distribution of programs, tools and resources at the local and regional levels. The Committee advises the SOCAP Board on ways to support the chapters’ ongoing and sustained membership growth, retention and engagement.

Programming & Education Committee
The Committee provides overall content direction for SOCAP’s two major national conferences, the Spring Symposium and Annual Conference.  The Committee supports key aspects of the conference development including SOCAP’s Call for Proposals process as well as session and speaker selection.  Additionally, the Education Committee offers input on other SOCAP educational events. The Committee provides regular updates to the Board on major SOCAP events.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is comprised of a key number of chapter leaders, many of whom also serve as SOCAP Vice Presidents of Membership for their respective chapters. The Committee helps to advance SOCAP’s membership marketing strategy with an emphasis on membership recruitment and retention at the local and regional levels. The Committee shares best practices for membership recruitment and renewal as well as engagement at the chapter levels. This committee also reports trends and demographic information on chapter membership back to the SOCAP National Office. The Committee’s success is measured by its ability to support the growth and advancement of SOCAP’s membership.

Executive Community Steering Committee
The Committee provides overall program input and direction for SOCAP’s Executive Community. The Committee helps to develop strategic insights into future innovations/changes in customer care for SOCAP to leverage for executive-level programming. The Committee supports SOCAP’s Global Engagement Networking Group (GENG), which includes senior executives with a global customer care role. The Committee hosts an annual Executive Summit and executive-level sessions at SOCAP’s Annual Conference.

Canada Community Steering Committee
The Committee develops programming for SOCAP member companies serving Canadian consumers. The Community provides a forum for best practices, education and networking for its members with content delivered in English and, to the greatest extent possible, in French.  The Committee is responsible for the creation of an annual white paper for distribution to community members.

Automotive Community Steering Committee
The Committee provides direction and program insight for the SOCAP Automotive Industry Community.  The Committee hosts an exclusive annual Automotive Summit at SOCAP’s Annual Conference for the major automotive brands. The Committee also develops audio chats, white papers and other relevant resources for SOCAP’s automotive members.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Community Steering Committee
The Committee provides direction and program insight for the SOCAP Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry Community. The Committee hosts an annual Data Reporting Workshop and develops relevant content resources for SOCAP’s CPG members including white papers, webinars and surveys.  The Committee also plans a post-conference CPG Workshop at the SOCAP Annual Conference each year.

Member Services Committee
The Committee is responsible for supporting SOCAP’s overall content strategy and implementation. Areas of focus include enhancing the content on the SOCAP website and   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Magazine as well as providing input on SOCAP’s webinars, online courses and any new programs. The Committee makes programmatic recommendations to the Board that will enhance the overall value of SOCAP membership, generate non-dues revenue and ensure alignment with the SOCAP mission and strategy.