SOCAP International

Global Executive Networking Group - GENG

SOCAP was approached by member executives to facilitate the formation of a new networking group specific to those individuals with global leadership responsibilities. The group named, Global Executives Networking Group, would be connected to the SOCAP Executive Community but provide a unique benefit to an important group of SOCAP members. The goal of the group would be to discuss best practices around global governance and responsibility and to build a professional network of professionals in similar roles.

Key Topics of interest will include:Global

  • Global consumer care governance (what type of approach, how to make it work)
  • Consumer trends globally and by specific region
  • Benchmarking (specific topics to be agreed on such as KPIs, etc.)
  • Managing global operations (global vendors, multi lingual environments, etc.)

Group members must be:

  • Employed for a company (brand) operating in at least three regions of the world (regions being: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, LATAM, ASPAC, Middle East & Africa)
  • In a global governance role within the organization
  • Working as a consumer affairs leader (implies seniority)

Meetings and Events
The Global Executives Networking Group would like to convene a one (1) hour conference call every month to build trust and camaraderie among the group. The discussions will be focused around a specific topic area but will also provide opportunity for open discussion.

The group will also create a presence on mySOCAP to share best practices, facilitate networking and ensure an opportunity for discussion between meetings.

Finally, the group will research the possibility of hosting an in-person event at the SOCAP International Annual Conference each year.

Membership in SOCAP International will be required of all members of the group who reside in North America. Additionally, any corporate member brand may utilize their individual representative allotment to add Global Leaders to the membership regardless of country of origin (platinum excluded). For those outside of North America who are not current members individually or via their company, they can join as an international member. Please email for more information.