SOCAP International


SOCAP’s Executive Community is open to all members working in senior positions within customer care in their companies.  Community members include directors and VPs from SOCAP member companies from diverse industries. The Executive Community hosts special sessions at SOCAP national conferences as well as Executive Chat teleconferences on relevant topics just for customer care executives. This community offers members targeted networking and idea sharing with other senior-level executives.

What are community members saying?

"Executive Community membership connects you with the brightest and most successful people in our field, and provides a broad channel of executive education which pushes the global knowledge frontiers in consumer service. "

- Chip Horner
Worldwide Director Consumer Affairs
Colgate Palmolive Company

"SOCAP’s Executive Community provides a great network for executives. We are working toward and helping each other build a Blueprint for Success.  I love the insights and overall willingness to share pain-points as well as the ability for Executives to give suggestions across Industries."

- Lorraine Avery
Senior Vice President, Director of Customer Service
Associated Bank

"Membership in the SOCAP Executive Committee has given me the opportunity to raise areas of interest and concern for my company to a group of senior professionals in similar roles across a wide variety of industries.  In doing so, I have been able to influence some of the content that has been (and will be discussed) in various SOCAP forums.  Membership has also afforded me the chance to widened my network and helped me to understand areas in which our companies have common interests as well as unique ones."

- Lee Suminski
Director, Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Management
Johnson & Johnson

“The Executive Community provides stimulating guest speakers, unique insights and thought leadership that really challenge your thinking and current approaches. The group members can act as a sounding board for you to try out new ideas or get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The insights from peers would cost thousands if provided through a paid engagement. It’s a significant benefit for the leadership of SOCAP members.”

- Cheryl Duwve
Vice President, Customer Support
Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Industry Champions

Rosemary O'Malley
Consumer Affairs Manager
(Ford Motor Company)

Jim Moloney
General Director, Consumer & Relationship Services (CARS) 
(General Motors)