SOCAP International

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“SOCAP has helped me and the companies I’ve worked for tremendously over the past 15 years. The education, the network, and the support have been critical to my success and effectiveness in the customer care profession. Wherever I work, I make SOCAP membership a non-negotiable!” -Tom Asher, The Action Company

“SOCAP has brought a valued consortium of like-minded Customer Service professionals to my personal network. The National and local chapter meetings, trainings and activities are extremely valuable to me, and help me to stay current on the industry momentum and best practices.” -Marnie Garrettson, Interactive Intelligence

"I used to be a consultant and now I'm a practitioner. In both scenarios I've found SOCAP to be hugely beneficial. Whether it’s networking, knowledge sharing or a feeling of connection to the industry SOCAP is the best business organization out there. Expect anyone from SOCAP to take a call or meeting with you as a fellow SOCAP member. Lastly, I focus on social customer strategy, and I can tell you we are planning more content on emerging technology. If you’re in the social customer space SOCAP is the place to be.” –Blake Morgan, Flight Digital

“I have been a SOCAP member for 20 years, since attending the Nashville Fall Meeting.  Networking and my professional relationships have been the consistent benefit of my membership and essential to achieving my professional goals. Why? Because in most companies there are teams of people working in Marketing, Sales, Accounting and other functions.  These teams usually have similar backgrounds, education, tasks and goals and are there to provide a peer group for each other and are built in collaborators.  However, there is usually only one head of the Consumer Relations/Customer Service function in the company. Although we work cross functionally in our companies, it’s unlikely that any of our coworkers will have the same kind of backgrounds, experience, or expertise in the consumer relations function to readily fill our support needs. SOCAP fills that void by providing the peer and vendors who understand my industry, my job, has similar workplace demands, uses common technology and tools, and understand the challenges faced by the consumer relations function.  When I need to brainstorm a problem, find the right technology or get fresh ideas and insights, SOCAP provides my partners for success” --Marie Shubin, E&J Gallo Winery