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May 28th and September 24th Meetings - Speakers, Dates, and Locations TBD

SAVE-THE-DATE! SOCAP New England will be hosting meetings on May 28th and September 24th, 2020. Stay tuned for more details...


Previous Events

November 5th/Fall 2019 Meeting - Granite Links in Quincy, MA

SAVE-THE-DATE! SOCAP New England Lunch at Granite Links with Panel on Agents Working from Home: Successes, Failures, Challenges, Triumphs. The lunch will be sponsored by Bright Pattern. Then we will join Contact Center Nation from 1 to 5 for an afternoon of Contact Center networking, panel discussions and round tables. 

May 9th/Spring 2019 Meeting - Blount Fine Foods in Fall River, MA

May 9 event was a huge success. Blount Fine Foods hosted us and Premiere Response sponsored a great lunch. We heard much relevant information on Innovation and trying to understand what the customer wants before they know what they want. Our final discussion, before the tour of the soup making plant, was on the challenges and successes with Social Media. Speakers from Blount, Panera and Ocean Spray made the day both interesting and fun - and lots of yummy take-a-ways!

Blount was kind enough to arrange a tour of the fascinating soup making plant. An interesting view of robots and humans working together and the great attention to cleanliness!

February 28th/Winter 2019 Meeting - Lindt USA in Stratham, NH

New England Chapter had a great meeting at Lindt Chocolate February 28. Thank you to Lindt for hosting and Ann Czaja for sharing her knowledge on chocolate and helping us appreciate the flavors. Astute, much appreciation to you for sponsoring, and Ryan Gooley, your trip in for the MidWest was well worth it on our end as the information you presented was fascinating. And, we finished the day talking about wellness in the workplace and how mindfulness and mediation can boost productivity and increase engagement. 

Look forward to seeing everyone in May at Blount Fine Foods.

See pictures below in our image gallery.

May/Spring 2018 Meeting - Enfield CT - Sponsored by Wilke GLobal

SOCAP New England Spring meeting was a great success. Thank you to Lego Enfield Connecticut for hosting and Wilke global for sponsoring. Great knowledge sharing and insight into maintaining an excited and top-notch customer service team that mirrors the company global culture.  A lot of wonderful takeaways to bring back to our teams and a tour of the LEGO headquarters where imagination is in abundance! 

Remco Jansen, LEGO, spoke to how LEGO Customer Service is able to offer excellent global service in more places with less people. Megan Gardner, LEGO, delivered an interactive session sharing what LEGO has used for the past 10+ years to build their global culture, as well as discussing the processes used to create LEGO’s framework and inspire you to implement a similar framework in your organization. Amanda Marschall, LEGO, followed up Megan’s content and shared a deeper dive on how LEGO keeps their framework alive, sharing some initiatives taken to aid in their global commitment to their culture. And last, but not least, Josh Wilke, Wilke Global, spoke on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in customer care, addressing topics such as: Demystifying AI and defining what it is & what it isn’t, How AI can be leveraged in customer care today, as well as how it may be used in the future and Planning/implementing AI within our organizations.

Thanks again to all who attended and a special thanks to our presenters and Wilke Global for sponsoring this wonderful event!!

February/Winter 2018 - Burlington MA - Sponsored by Microsoft

The New England SOCAP February/Winter meeting was a great success. We were fortunate enough to have Thomas Nestor fly in from Chicago to speak. He was informative, inspirational and talented. Tom worked along Tony Robbins for many years and is an innovative entrepreneur. The Microsoft location was a great spot for our gathering and everyone agreed was very accessible. Scott Williams from Microsoft also shared with us some amazing new advances in the world of AI and case studies of companies utilizing their technology for driving revenue, understanding their customers and providing a more streamlined and personal shopping experience. The taco bar lunch was pretty yummy too! Look forward to seeing everyone in May at Lego for our Spring meeting.

Don't forget to review the pictures below from past events, including the ones mentioned above!
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