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Past Events


Meeting Date and Location:         July 14, 2016 at Avtex

Topic:  Confused about Journey Mapping?  Not sure where to begin?  Join us for:  A Practical “How-To” Approach to Improving Your Customer Engagement

A solid understanding of your customer and their journey with your organization must be the foundation of your Customer Experience strategy.

Meeting Date and Location:         May 20, 2016 at Land O'Lakes

Topic: Networking: Value, Approach, Opportunities of networking both in and out of peer groups

We all know how important networking is; we may not know the best ways to go about it.  This interactive event will focus on:

  • Networking overview and resources.
  • Value of networking.
  • Current networking trends.
  • How to effectively network based on desired outcomes

The meeting was presented by Andrea Pollari who is the founder of Key Search and Consulting, a firm that focuses on assisting organizations with talent acquisition, organizational effectiveness and retention through Executive Search, Consulting and Coaching.  The company’s goal is to provide full service and consulting services in order to create high performing, focused and engaged teams.

Meeting Date and Location:         July 14, 2016 at MOA

Topic:                     MN Chapter Networking Happy Hour

The SOCAP MN Chapter invites you to a social gathering to practice your networking skills and connect with other Consumer Affairs professionals.  Enjoy a fun and relaxing time. There is no need to have attended the last meeting on networking! Here are some notes from our last meeting to inspire you:   

Definition of networking: To interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts
One of many benefits:
Increases your confidence and raises your profile
Our challenge:
Connect with someone new each week.

Meeting Date and Location:         Sept 29, 2016 at Aveda Institute

Topic:                     Manager or Leader?

The objective is to provide members with a fresh perspective of leadership as well as practices that will develop stronger leadership competencies.

  • Identify the difference between managing and leading as well as the skills and attributes of best in class leadership.
  • Leadership motivations.
  • What is Emotional Intelligence and why it matters.
  • Effective leadership in the world today.
  • Key takeaways to become more effective.

This meeting was also presented by Andrea Pollari who is the founder of Key Search and Consulting.


Meeting Date and Location:         Feb 9, 2017 at Gallup office

Topic:                     Strength-based Leadership Summit

Research shows that the best opportunity for people to grow and develop, and net the greatest return on investment, is to identify the ways in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave, and then build on those talents to create strengths. People who know how to use their greatest talents everyday create individual, team, and organizational engagement, and success. You can expect to leave this interactive session with:

  • A greater understanding of your own Top 5 dominant talents
  • A mutual awareness of individual talents within your group
  • Insights into Gallup’s extensive and on-going research on how organizations and teams can become highly effective and efficient by intentionally developing the strengths of its people
  • New approaches and strategies for improved employee engagement, decision making and addressing your specific business needs


Meeting Date and Location:         May 19, 2017 at Toro Company

Topic: Incorporating Actionable Business Intelligence into a LEAN Problem Solving Environment

Insight on data collection by Carrie Plack, Sr. Director, Ameriprise Financial along with round table discussions.  This presentation will showcase Ameriprise’s journey to implement data collection into our case management system and to collaborate with partners across multiple lines of business to produce issue reporting. The data is converted into actionable business intelligence and used by business owners to continuously improve their processes.

Meeting Date and Location:         Nov 9, 2017 at Better Business Bureau


Topic: Webinar Listening Party and Round Table Discussion – Implementing an Effective Quality Management Process.

Curious about how Quality Management can have a positive impact on your business?  Learn from UW Valley Medical Center in this case study webinar on implementing an Effective Quality Management Process.

Learn from their success as we discuss:

  • Basic building blocks of the quality management process and why they are important
  • Capabilities required to support an effective quality management process
  • Background on Valley Medical and why they decided to invest in quality management
  • What their next steps are as their quality management process matures