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Join us for our next 2019 meeting!

Date & Location: Thursday, September 12th at 8:30am  at SafetyCall International 

Shifting Skills: What AI and Automation Mean
for Customer Experience (CX)

Join the SOCAP Minnesota Chapter and Jason Dichter as they discuss "What Artificial (AI) and Automation Mean for Customer Experience (CX). During this presentation, the following topics/questions will be explored?  

What is/are AI/NLP/Machine Learning/Bots in plain English?
What does AI mean for human workers? Is AI going to replace me or my reps at our jobs?
How to identify opportunities for AI and what are the tools available?
What can AI do today and what does it struggle with today?
Who is using AI successfully today?
How do you measure results?

Jason is the Executive Director of Business Development at Augment selling Artificial Intelligence solutions into the contact center. Before joining Augment, Jason was the Executive Director of Sales with Wilke Global, (now Astute Solutions) the leading provider of omni channel customer engagement software.

Before that, Jason served as Director of Sales at TARGUS info, which was later acquired by Neustar, the leaders in understanding who or what is on the other end of every consumer interaction and transaction. Currently the Director of Membership on the New York SOCAP chapter, Jason has also had various roles on the board of the Philadelphia SOCAP chapter for many years. He has been a speaker at various SOCAP local & national chapter events and industry user groups since 2002.

SafetyCall International
Team A Conference Room (Concourse C Level) - Free Parking
3600 American Blvd. W, Suite 725
Bloomington, MN 55431

The theme for 2019 is networking and collaborating!  Hope to see you at a meeting!