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Balancing Social Media and the Customer Journey
April 2017
(Future of Business and Tech)

Digital Consumer Care
October 24, 2016
(Better Business Bureau Bistro Podcast)

Nine Tips for Top-Notch Customer Service Leadership
August 24, 2016
(Connections Magazine)

Experts: Embracing Mobile is Key for The Travel Industry This Holiday
November 24, 2015
(Travel Pulse)

Starwood Hotels Makes Customer Experience a Priority
October 19, 2015

SOCAP 2015 Annual Conference Tweets
October 16, 2015

22 Experts Reveal the Most Important Metrics for Measuring Customer Experience Success
September 17, 2015
(NG Data)

"Technical" glitch grounds all United Airlines flights
July 8, 2015

Six Ways Technology is Changing Customer Care
June 4, 2015
(Ziff Davis -

Verizon's AOL Acquisition Offer Opportunity to be More Customer-Centric
May 19, 2015
(CommPro Business)

Blue Bell Says It's Still Trying To Pinpoint Listeria Cause
April 22, 2015
(Chicago Tribune)
April 21, 2015
(ABC News)
(Associated Press)
(Washington Post)

How much is your hotel loyalty worth?
April 8, 2015

Mobile Technology: Changing the Landscape of Customer Care
March 25, 2015

Multimedia-based multichannel CRM still faces uphill battle
February, 2015

Part II: Interview with Matthew D'Uva: CEO of SOCAP International 
February 15, 2015
Click here for transcript. 

Part I: Interview with Matthew D'Uva: CEO of SOCAP International 
February 12, 2015
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Customer Service And Customer Support Trends: An Interview With SOCAP CEO Matthew D'Uva 
February 6, 2015