SOCAP International

How To Become A Board Member

Leadership Opportunity as a SOCAP Board Member 

As a member led organization our strategic direction is guided by professionals in the Customer Care Industry.

Each year, the Nominating Committee fills open director seats and officer positions on the Board in accordance with the Bylaws. The term of service for directors is three-years and each officer position is elected for a one-year term.

Benefits of Being a SOCAP Board Member

  • SOCAP Board of DirectorsAuthentic and quality relationships with Seasoned Customer Care Professionals
  • Experience as a Board Member for an International non-profit organization
  • Contributing to the strategic direction of SOCAP
  • Increased company visibility across industries and to a wider audience
  • Learning the activities and governance of a non-profit organization
  • If you move into one of the Officer roles or serve on the Executive Committee, you learn more Parliamentary procedure, financial management and have exposure to the interworking of SOCAP in collaboration with the President & CEO.
  • Develop leadership skills in the area of negotiation, presentation skills, industry awareness, strategic planning, political savvy and polish with large and small crowd behaviors and aspects of conference planning.

Board Roles & Responsibilities & Time Commitment

  • Board of Directors is a 3 year term
  • Board of Directors have a liaison assignment to a committee
  • 3 in-person Board meetings and 1 telephone meeting: 
    • Saturday before Symposium & Annual Conferences - generally means flying in on Friday afternoon.  (Friday night dinner is covered by SOCAP)
    • A 2 day Board strategic planning meeting usually middle of July – usually in Alexandria or Washington so staff can attend but we’ve also done it other places over the years.
    • Telephone Board meeting in December for the purpose of approving the operating budget for the coming year.
    • Board members are responsible for registration fees, hotel and air.
  • Ideally Board Members attend the annual and symposium conferences.
  • At conferences, Board members are usually tapped for tasks as needed by the SOCAP staff – like speaker introductions, the prize drawings, session moderators, the Ask Me team etc.
  • Brands are not expected to be sponsors, but most of them do sponsor something. 
  • If you are on the Board and then want to move into an officer role, time on the Board may be extended
  • Review Bylaws.
  • Review and accept the responsibilities of the SOCAP Board of Directors, as further defined by the position description.

Nominations Process

  • The Call for Nominations begins 9 months prior to the Annual conference (January)
  • The nominations committee will review nominations and make a recommendation on the slate of candidates for each Director and Officer.
  • In July (90 days prior to the annual meeting) the nominations committee presents to the membership a report consisting of nominations of one candidate for each officer and director position.   Prior to this communications individuals who are not being presented will be informed as well as those moving forward.
  • All individuals nominated by the Nominating Committee or otherwise must have given prior consent to the nomination and serve if elected.
  • The nominating committee shall conduct an election at the Annual Meeting in October with those recommended by the committee and those recommended by last petition.
  • The term of service will start January 1 and will last for three years. 

How to Nominate/Self-Nominate and/or Apply to be a 2021 SOCAP Board Member

  • Click here to apply to become a candidate (whether self-nominating or nominated by a peer) for the 2021 SOCAP Board.

Thank you for your interest in our Board Nominations Process. Should you desire additional information kindly reach out to SOCAP’s President & CEO Marie Shubin at