How To Become A Board Member

Leadership Opportunity as a SOCAP Board Member 

As a member led organization our strategic direction is guided by professionals in the Customer Care Industry.

Each year, the Nominating Committee fills open director seats and officer positions on the Board in accordance with the Bylaws. The term of service for directors is three-years and each officer position is elected for a one-year term.

Benefits of Being a SOCAP Board Member

  •  Develop leadership skills in strategic planning, negotiation, public speaking, political savvy, industry awareness and conference planning
  • Learn governance procedures for a non-profit organization
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of SOCAP
  • Eligibility to serve on the Executive Committee as an officer 
  • Officers learn Parliamentary procedure, financial management and gain exposure to the interworking of SOCAP in collaboration with the President & CEO
  • Increase corporate visibility for your organization

Roles | Responsibilities | Time Commitment

  • Directors on the SOCAP board serve a 3-year term
  • Directors have liaison responsibilities for operating committees
  • Virtual Board Meetings are held monthly with two in-person meetings conducted each Saturday before the Spring and Fall In-Person Symposiums
  • Attendance, leadership and sponsorship at each in-person symposium is anticipated
  • Review Bylaws.

Nominations Timeline

 April thru
 Applications accepted through the SOCAP website
 June  Nominating Committee conducts applicant interviews
 July  Slate of candidates recommended to the board of directors for approval
 August  Candidate profiles shared with general membership on SOCAP website and social media platforms
 September  Electronic ballots are distributed via e-mail to current SOCAP members
 October  New slate of officers and directors are sworn in at the in-person board meeting held on the Saturday preceding the fall symposium
 January  New officers and directors begin their 3-year term of service


Nominate or Apply to be a SOCAP Board Member

Thank you for your interest in our Board nomination process - for more information, please e-mail to in touch with the current chair of the Nominations Committee.