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About Tia:

Tia Graham is an international keynote speaker, best-selling author and leadership trainer on positive psychology, positive work cultures, and business growth. She has worked with dozens of global companies such as Hilton Hotels, Hewlett Packard, and The American Heart Association to elevate employee engagement and drive bottom line results. With multiple certifications in neuroscience, positive psychology, coaching, and employee retention, and over 14 years of leadership experience, Tia is widely regarded by business leaders in her field.

Her insights have been featured in major media such as CNN, Forbes, and Fast Company to name a few.

Her bestselling book, Be a Happy Leader, teachers her proprietary 8-step methodology on driving productivity and business growth through a culture of happiness.

MONDAY, SEP 12, 2022

Be a Happy Leader

Create a motivated, positive, and hyper-productive team

The world of work and what humans expect from leaders and organizations has changed drastically. How an organization authentically prioritizes mental health and employee well-being are being considered when choosing to join or leave. Leaders are expected to be authentic, trusting, and caring. Our always-on culture and constant pressure for results make it easy for leaders to have chronic stress and feel overwhelmed. My question for you is…how happy and motivated are your team members right now?

A happy and inspirational leader is vital for team success. This powerful talk inspires leaders to prioritize their own well-being and create thriving teams by understanding positive psychology, neuroscience, and happiness at work research. When team member happiness is placed as a top priority, customers are loyal and the reputation of the company soars. Innovation and creativity expand when team members are happy while working. There are massive personal, organizational, and financial consequences if leaders do not focus well-being for themselves and for their teams.

A personal invitation from Tia Graham!

 Learn more about Tia here: Tia Graham


TUESDAY, SEP 13, 2022

The Culture of Extraordinary

How to shift from Good to Great to Extraordinary
Remember Good to Great? Today, it has shifted from Great to Extraordinary. Align this platform to the right culture, and you develop something truly unique; a Culture of Extraordinary. You will understand how to think and act differently as you push your people to the edges and boundaries of what might be possible. You will embrace what it means to go beyond your best. Derek uses powerful, real-life sports analogies in a unique, compelling and often hilarious manner that leaves audiences in awe.

Learn more about Derek here: Derek Daly


Derek Daly with sig

About Derek:

Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, International Racing Champion

From the Victory Circle to the Announcer’s Desk, Hall of Fame Race Car Driver and Network Television Color Analyst Derek Daly has spent nearly three decades as the face of the motorsport world. Derek’s professional racing career spanned 17 years and in 1984, Derek suffered one of the hardest crash impacts that a driver had ever survived when he hit the wall at Michigan International Speedway at 212 MPH. After fourteen surgeries and three years in therapy, he returned to full-time racing.

In 1985, Derek started a 10 year association with ESPN as a motor sport color analyst. He became the face of motor sports, seen on NBC, CBS, Fox and Speed Channel. USA Today highlighted Derek as “the best new face on sports television” and IndyCar Racing magazine voted Derek “the most popular motor sports television announcer.”

Derek literally wrote the book on how to become a ‘Complete Champion’. Race To Win: How to Become a Complete Champion was heralded a “future classic” by the Irish Times. Derek’s gift of communication has made him one of the most sought after motivational speakers in America. His Be Extraordinary Model and Speed of Business Principles have influenced Fortune 500 companies and the US Government.