Breakout Sessions

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Terri DeMent

The Agent-Assist AI Implementation Journey

Terri DeMent | Director of Consumer Services | Nestle Purina

Deliver better, more efficient customer experiences by tackling the overwhelming task of implementing AI for agent assist and understanding which features bring value. Explore Nestle Purina Petcare's AI agent assist journey, including vendor selection, implementation and planning for the future.

Vern Fernandez & Danielle Brannon


Equipping Your Agents for Success at Home or In Office

Vern Fernandez | Senior Manager, Contact Center Excellence | Jabra
Danielle Brannon | Program Manager, Contact Center Practioner | Jabra

Headsets are more than just hardware. Discover how modern headsets cancel enormous amounts of noise, optimize customer experiences and create voice data that maximizes investments in speech-enabled artificial intelligence. What data is considered when designing a wearable device that is pivotal to your contact center agent and environment? The future of flexible contact centers begins with intelligent endpoints.

Ros Harrell & Douglas Pursley
Reyes Coca Cola Bottling

Why Speed and Security Matter Now More than Ever for Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling

Roslyn Harrell | Consumer Affairs Manager | Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling
Douglas J. Pursley | Director, Customer Experience | SKUx

Immediate customer resolution - Virtually Fraud Free! Sound too good to be true? That’s what Roslyn Harrell, Consumer Affairs Manager at Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling thought too. Before she expanded SKUx Offer (X)ccelerator™ broadly, she conducted a pilot test. Come and hear what she learned and what’s next.

Jeff Kays


Rethinking the Customer Journey: What if the Effortless Experience isn't for Everyone?

Jeff Kays | CX Advisor | Sharpen CX

Based on new research from Fordham University's  Ahir Gopaldas and Lancaster University's Anton Sibert, we will explore the premise that everything we thought about creating "effortless experiences"  is not necessarily wrong, but is very likely incomplete.  Join us for an engaging conversation during which we will discuss: 

 - The four distinct types of customer journeys (Customer Journey Matrix)
 - The ideal customer types for each journey type
 - How to design ideal customer journeys for your customers

Claudio Pugliese & Mike Boudreau

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Emblem Health


Best Practices Panel: Creating the "Access to Care Experience" within Healthcare

Mike Boudreau | Senior Director, CSP Contact Center Management | Eli Lilly
Claudio A. Pugliese | Assistant VP, Physicians Call Center Operations | Emblem Health

Come listen to our healthcare panelists share their experience and insight on the best methods to transform "interactions" into "Access to Care Experiences". Panelists will review best practices in adapting to the rising consumerism within the healthcare sectors and answer questions from the audience about specific challenges you may be facing. We hope you can join our sharing of ideas and approaches in creating a true CX in healthcare.

Milan Batinich
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People Power: Stop Forcing Square Pegs into Round Holes

Milan Batinich | Director of Contact Center Services | AW Companies Inc.

Learn how to successfully match people with positions and retain employees from pre-hire to retire during this informative session. Gain insight on identifying key traits needed for your contact center employees and how to hire, onboard, motivate, coach and engage with agents resulting in higher productivity, job sentiment and agent satisfaction!

Trevor Clark

Reducing Contact Center Cost without Sacrificing Quality

Trevor Clark | Founder & CEO | ShyftOff

Come and see an actionable plan to reduce contact center costs without sacrificing customer experience or quality. Trevor Clark from ShyftOff will demonstrate ways to optimize technology spend, staffing levels, sourcing strategies and more to meet your company's financial plan and maintain a high-quality customer experience.

Ric Kosiba


How Killer Bots can Significantly Improve Your CX Operations

Ric Kosiba | Chief Data Scientist | Sharpen CX

Contact center AI projects can be large, sophisticated, and extremely narrow which typically solve complex problems many of us aren’t sure we have. What if we could develop something different— automation bots, informed by experience, expert systems, and AI—that solve or automate smaller functions to improve the contact center operation or our customer’s experience? In this session, we’ll discuss classes and examples of micro-bots, tools that are showing great promise for the contact center industry. 

Tia Graham

Grow Faster with Feedback

Tia Graham | Certified Chief Happiness Officer | Arrive At Happy

Discover how to motivate your team through the art of effective feedback during this engaging and interactive session. Learn how to use coaching to support employees in reaching their full potential. The session will teach you strategies and a framework for planning and delivering feedback for improvement.

Neal Eggers & Yvette Renda

BPA Quality

Coaching to the Human Element

Neal Eggers | Vice President of Quality Solutions | BPA Quality
Yvette Renda | Director of People Development & Training | BPA Quality

Effective coaching is more important than ever in ensuring each customer interaction is upholding the values and care any organization is built upon, especially in today’s contact center world where many agents are working remotely. During this presentation, you will learn how to identify “Moments of Truth” in every interaction – from customer contacts to agent conversations. Come and see how empowering your agents to deliver excellent experiences with a solutions-minded approach to assisting customers will improve the genuine level of care your group is providing!

Christa Heibel


Finding the Sweet Spot:

The Intersection of Peak Operational Efficiency & Highest Level CX
Christa Heibel | Founder & CEO | CH Consulting Group

CH Consulting Group works with healthcare clients to perform comprehensive contact center assessments and strategies, with a heavy focus in KPI modeling around future predicted growth and contact center models (ex: in-house vs. outsource vs. hybrid; WFM and productivity). By using effective application of technology and operational best practices, clients realize reduced labor costs and increased customer satisfaction. During this session, Christa Heibl will share details about several projects, including the systems utilized to provide critical contact center infrastructure needed to achieve the highest level of customer experience, CCA performance and KPI adherence.

Nathan Bobay and Nathan Flowers
Delta Faucet
Bringing Innovation to Life through Human Operations

Nathan Bobay | Senior Manager, Customer Solutions | Delta Faucet Company
Nathan Flowers | Partner | Insite Managed Solutions

Bringing on an in-person center in 2021, Insite leveraged their Innovation Incubator to support Delta Faucet’s in creating an incredible employee journey. We will walk through the processes that we have leveraged to drive incredibly low attrition while running an in-office center! From wages to profiles to onboarding process, the entire group has come together to create an incredible human experience for our employees, driving success for Delta!