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 SOCAP’s Programming and Education committee is now accepting session proposals for the upcoming in-person
2021 SOCAP Symposium: Emerging Horizons. This year’s conference will be focused on topics related to the customer of the future. Proposals for all LIVE presentations should reflect best thinking in the field of customer experience, informed by theory, research and practice.

We invite proposals which:

  • Reflect innovation and cutting-edge content
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
  • Provide diverse approaches for different types of learners
  • Present case studies or ideas based on or supported by research and real life experience

Submissions should address at least one of the following key categories, identified as relevant and critical by SOCAP members:

  • Post-Pandemic Organizational Changes
    • What did we learn & what processes are we keeping?
    • Where are you now? Did your staff return to the office or are they somewhere in between?
    • Do CX agents today require a completely different skill set?
  • Omni-Channel Consumer Experiences
    • More channels or a switch between channels?
    • Social media monitoring – Are you talking about me or to me?
    • Ratings & Reviews are changing the world – what does this mean for the CX field?
  • Remote Workforce Success Strategies
    • How to manage, mentor & coach your hybrid workforce
    • New approaches to quality monitoring and supervising productivity
    • Virtual Reality – What does recruiting, on-boarding and supervising look like today?
  • Technological Advances in the Customer Care Arena
    • Chat Bot technology – how & when to use it.
    • How smart is your knowledge base? How automation is pinpointing what we really need to know.
    • Changes in Workforce Management tools and processes for working in a hybrid work environment.
  • Leveraging Data Reporting & Visualization
    • The outlying effect of COVID and how that's being explained in our call center reporting.
    • Today's KPIs and how they've changed after the pandemic.
    • Are dashboards dead? Unlocking the hidden treasure of consumer insights.
  • Compliance, Consumer Privacy & Legislation
    • How are California’s privacy laws driving changes across the country & within your call center?
    • How do you maintain compliance without sounding like a robot?
    • Mitigating risk management and PCI compliance, data security and e-commerce.

Target Audiences

Hundreds of CX professionals and business partners attend the annual conference to learn new and improved strategies to implement and improve their customer care and engagement. SOCAP aims to provide a balanced program delivering valuable content for all levels of customer care professionals, as well as solution providers and suppliers.


Successful sessions include the following:

  • Strong educational focus with actionable, specific takeaways (no sales pitches or product endorsement for one particular company, product or service)
  • High-level of attendee engagement (can be done through discussions or session activity)
  • Brand speaker(s) – A brand speaker is an individual who does not work for a vendor/supplier company. Any session with a Business Partner must include at least one brand presenter as a co-presenter
  • Presenter diversity – We are looking for new names, faces and stories to broaden the scope of our symposium! If you are an alumni speaker, consider inviting a colleague to co-facilitate your discussion
  • Brand case studies, benchmarking or insights based on or supported by research

Please be thorough when completing your application. The committee wants to ensure an equitable review of all submissions prior to determining which presentations will be offered at the symposium. Selected speakers must attend a short, virtual Speaker Orientation session.

*This is an in-person event and all speakers will be presenting live!

Current SOCAP members will receive priority consideration. Are you a current member?

Have you presented at any virtual or in-person SOCAP conference in the past five years?

Simply list as much as you recall - including the year or the city of the conference and we'll do the rest!
Which of the following KEY TOPICS does your proposed session relate to?

Your title should capture, in 10 words or less, who your session designed for and the topic being addressed
Building on your session's title, please clearly and succinctly describe its educational content. This information will communicate the purpose of your session. If selected, this may be modified before posting online.
SOCAP is committed to providing diverse educational and professional development opportunities for our members. Learning objectives for each session should emphasize the skills participants will acquire from attending. Please concisely describe three key take-aways from your proposed session:
Please select the appropriate CX professional best suited to attend this proposed session:

Feel free to also include any information from your past speaking experiences on this topic.
(Additional speaker information can be included here)
Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2021 SOCAP Symposium: Emerging Horizons

For additional inquiries, please e-mail