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Sponsoring, exhibiting or advertising with SOCAP is your chance to build a long lasting relationship with the SOCAP community. Sponsor/Exhibit at one of our National events:

Engagement Menu
 "My company, Astute Solutions, and I have been active and engaged members of the SOCAP family since 1995. Over the years, our involvement and investment in SOCAP has served as an invaluable vehicle to develop a much deeper and broader view of the needs, issues and challenges facing the customer care professional. These insights have helped guide and drive our innovativeness, enabled us to remain highly nimble and allowed us to be stringer and more strategic thought leaders and business partners to both our clients and to the customer care industry."

- Joseph M. Sanda, President and CEO, Astute Solutions

Each Sponsor/Exhibitor gets the Following:

  • Company name and logo on the SOCAP event website, on all onsite signage and on the event mobile app used during the conference
  • Networking with conference attendees from more than 100 brands seeking knowledge that only you have in your industry
  • Tremendous exposure for your company's products and services to hundreds of decision makers in customer care
  • Electronic pre-event attendee list (sent a week in advance of the conference) and post-conference electronic attendee list (includes name, title, company name and mailing addresses)
  • Listing in Fall 2017 special Annual Conference issue of CRM Magazine (if sponsoring or exhibiting at the Annual Conference)
  • Discounted registration fee for Annual and Symposium for your team members (savings of $100 each)



Includes one complimentary registration per event (savings of $1,440)

Choose one of the following:

  • Wi-Fi - (Exclusive) Attendees will remember who got them online!
  • Conference Pocket Guide - (Exclusive) A great way to get your logo and name on something that all attendees use during the event
  • Pre-Finale Happy Hour - (Exclusive) Kick off the finale by hosting this happy hour and thanking everyone for coming to the SOCAP conference!
  • Hotel Room Drop - (Exclusive per night)  Leave a treat for each attendee in their room
  • Conference Break in Exhibit Hall - Announce the door prizes from your exhibit booth

Sponsorship    Member Fee    Non-Member Fee  
 Quantity Available Per Event  
 Breaks $7,500   $9,000  4
 Wi-Fi  $7,500 $9,000 Exclusive
Pocket Guide $7,500 $9,000  Exclusive
 Pre-Finale Happy Hour  $7,500  $9,000  Exclusive
 Hotel Room Drop  $7,500 $9,000 



Includes one complimentary registration and one exhibit booth per event (savings of $5,540)

Choose one of the following:

  • Breakfast - Opportunity to place items on tables in general session and have 2 minutes of stage time to address attendees with a short testimonial on how your business has impacted the customer care industry
  • Hotel Room Key - (Exclusive)Get your logo branded to the hotel room cards that all attendees use!
  • SOCAP Night Cap Lounge - (Exclusive) Invite attendees to this lounge to socialize after-hours with a beverage in hand on Monday night
  • Luncheon - Step it up by having 5 minutes on stage, placing items on the tables, sharing a testimonial and the ability to present a video with the audience
  • Event Mobile App - (Exclusive) Recognition on the mobile app as the exclusive sponsor and the ability to hand out 2 raffle gifts during the closing session

Sponsorship    Member Fee    Non-Member Fee  
 Quantity Available Per Event  
 Breakfast $12,500   $15,000  2
 Hotel Room Key  $12,500 $15,000 Exclusive
SOCAP Night Lounge $12,500 $15,000  Exclusive
 Lunch  $15,000  $18,000  2
 Mobile Application  $15,000 $18,000  Exclusive 



Includes two complimentary registrations, one exhibit booth (savings of $11,000) and priority booth selection per event

Choose one of the following:

  • Welcome Reception - (Exclusive) Help SOCAP welcome attendees to the conference and help them rekindle professional relationships that make the SOCAP community so special
  • Social Finale - (Exclusive) Leave a lasting impression on the attendees as they socialize and dance the night away at our popular Social Finale
  • Audio Visual - (Exclusive) Get recognition on the opening slide at every general session and help us kick off the event by introducing the SOCAP Chair


Sponsorship    Member Fee    Non-Member Fee  
 Quantity Available Per Event  
 Welcome Reception $19,000   $22,800 Exclusive
 Social Finale  $50,000 $60,000 Exclusive
Audio Visual $50,000 $60,000 Exclusive

Interested in Exhibiting? Includes one complimentary registration when you book before January 31 ($1,440 value). Book early to guarantee your space!

Exhibit Rates:
  • Member Rate Before February 27: $4,900
  • Member Rate After February 27: $5,500
  • Non-Member Rate: $6,500

Sponsor one of our industry, specialty or chapter in-person events

Choose from one of the following and have a discussion with our team on the benefits:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Meeting at 2017 Annual Conference (October 25 in San Diego) 
  • Data Reporting Workshop (June 20 & 21 in Chicago)
  • Automotive Summit (October 25 & 26 in San Diego)
  • Executive Summit (April 26 & 27 in Chicago)
  • Workforce Management Summit (Date TBD)
  • Canadian Events (Montreal & Toronto Dates TBD)
  • Chapter Events - We have over 15 active chapters and this is a way to build community locally. Events range from 30 - 100+ people.


Sponsorship    Member Fee    Non-Member Fee  
 Quantity Available Per Event  
 Co-Sponsor Executive Summit $15,000   $18,000  2
 Auto Summit Premier  $15,000 $18,000 1
Auto Summit Lunch $5,000 $6,000  2
 Data Reporting Workshop  $5,000 $6,000 
 Workforce Management Summit $5,000  $6,000 
 CPG Breakfast $5,000  $6,000 
 CPG Lunch  $5,000  $6,000  1
 CPG Premier $10,000   $12,000
 Canadian Events (Montreal/Toronto)  $1,500 $1,800   3 per event
 Chapter Events $500   $600 3 per event 


Virtual Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • CRM "Full Page" Magazine Advertisement - Chance to be seen by over 10,000 customer care professionals, including 2,500 members. Since CRM Magazine is saved by 85% of its readers for one year or more, your advertisement gains the benefit of year-round visibility to build industry recognition, good will and company image! 

Book now and pay for our triple play offer by February 27. Receive all three ads for $3,500 (savings of $1,000 per advertisement)

  • Webinars -  Monthly webinars on relevant and prominent topics for the customer care industry
  • Banner Ads in SOCAP's Scoop e-newsletter -  Distributed monthly to more than 10,000 people with a strong open rate
  • New Member Kit -  Chance to give a first impression to our new members
  • Podcast Series -  Recognition for podcasts sharing relevant insights on customer care


Sponsorship    Member Fee        Non-Member Fee       
      Quantity Available Per Event                       
Banner Ad on Monthly Scoop $1,000   $1,200  12 or entire year for $10,000
New Member Kit  $15,000 $18,000 Exclusive
Podcast Series $1,000 $1,200  4
Webinars  $2,500 $3,000  12
 CRM Magazine Half-Paged Ad $1,000  $1,250 
15% off placement in 2 issues
25% off placement in 3 issues 
CRM Magazine Full Page Ad $1,500  $1,875 
15% off placement in 2 issues
25% off placement in 3 issues 
 CRM Magazine Fill Page Ad
(Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Back Cover)
$1,750   $2,188 15% off placement in 2 issues
  25% off placement in 3 issues   


Additional Brand-Specific Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • First-Timers Meeting at the Symposium and Annual Conference
  • Chapter Leadership Meetings at Symposium and Annual Conference
  • Keynotes/General Sessions -  Stage time and introduction of a keynote speaker at Annual and/or Symposium. Also, share with your peers the great new product your company has launched or talk about a new transformation of your company for 2 minutes prior to the keynote introduction.


Sponsorship    Member Fee    Non-Member Fee  
 Quantity Available Per Event  
 First-Timer Session $3,500   $4,200 Exclusive
Chapter Leadership Meeting  $3,500 $4,200 Exclusive
General Sessions/Keynotes $5,000 $6,250 4 Per Event


Please think about your level of engagement and contact SOCAP President & CEO, Brian Costanzo ( to discuss these opportunities and to solidify your commitment in 2017

Download the 2017 Engagement Agreement to reserve your space!

2017 Engagement Agreement

Share your tools, resources and technology virtually and in-person, and don't forget the great benefits included in your SOCAP membership:

  • Submitting an article for CRM Magazine
  • Submitting educational content for our in-person meetings and/or virtual offerings (webinars and online courses)
  • Posting your company description and information in the Business Partner Directory on the SOCAP website
  • Donating a door prize - Donate a gift of $100 or more to be given away during one of the national events
  • Submitting a white paper to be posted on the SOCAP website
  • Serving on SOCAP's Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC)

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Do you have a sponsorship idea not listed above?

We want to make your sponsorship a memorable event. We are always open to new suggestions. Contact Brian Costanzo to share your idea.

For all Sponsorship, Exhibiting & Advertising questions
contact Brian Costanzo or (703) 910-2470