SOCAP International


  • Kicking Off the SOCAP Symposium

    Posted on: 04/19/2009

    Today is the official start of the conference, although I must admit that several of us did a great job ”unofficially” kicking it off last night.  It is always fun to reconnect with SOCAP friends and colleagues.

    I am looking forward to the Industry specific meetings on Monday and the reporting workshop on Wednesday. I have no doubt that these two sessions alone will enable me to go back to the office with an abundance of take-aways to apply to my team!

    I hope everyone is ready for an exciting session – I know I am!

    Lynn Reilly – Pinnacle Foods

  • "What SOCAP Means to Me"

    Posted on: 04/18/2009

    At the 2008 SOCAP Annual Conference, I had an opportunity to sit down with Matt Sanders of Hyatt and ask him what SOCAP means to him.

    Here’s an excerpt from that video:

    Matt is blogging from the 2009 SOCAP Symposium.

  • Can't Wait for the SOCAP Symposium!

    Posted on: 04/18/2009

    I can’t wait to get to Chicago for the conference and see all of the wonderful people in this organization.

    This group always gives me what I need to recharge my batteries! You really can’t find a better group of people to exchange ideas and collaborate with. The more involved that I get with SOCAP and the relationships that I develop, the more that I recognize what a truly wonderul group that this is.

    So many great opportunities to get involved for anyone who wants to.  Also, all of the events are just plain fun!

    I can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago and also can’t wait to see what new and exciting things I bring back with me to share with the others in my own company!

    Matt Sanders – Hyatt

  • Looking Forward to the 2009 Symposium

    Posted on: 04/18/2009

    I’m so excited that its time for another SOCAP gathering.  I’ve been a member of this wonderful organization for about 2 years and this will be my fourth national conference.  I look forward to this time every year because I get to reconnect with friends that I’ve made over the past few years and also meet new people.

    I have never come back from a SOCAP conference without learning several new things that I’m so excited to take back to my team and implement.  I always come back to Columbus feeling energized and ready to take on the world.  I’m especially interested this year to be involved in bringing the conference alive through social media.  Twittering and blogging is a great way to start conversations about the many topics that we’re going to hear about in the next few days, and I think it will help keep the conversations going long after we leave Chicago.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the benchmarking study results and spending time with other food and beverage people.  I’m also excited about the data reporting workshop on Wednesday.  At Bob Evans, we’re currently revamping our reporting and I’m hoping to come away with some great new ideas to help me with the process.

    Looking forward to connecting with everyone in Chicago.  I’ll also be tweeting throughout the conference – I’d love for you to follow me (CRSarah_BE/) so we can continue the conversation!

    Sarah Meenach – Bob Evans

  • SOCAP Pre-Symposium Thoughts

    Posted on: 04/16/2009

    As I get ready to head out to Chicago for the SOCAP Symposium I am very much looking forward to the meeting for many reasons: networking, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

    The Symposium will be an excellent opportunity to benchmark as a result of the COPC survey.

    Day 1 – Monday will serve as a wonderful forum to discuss the COPC results across my SOCAP community – food and beverage.

    Then for Day 2 – Tuesday there are excellent topics to be discussed across community groups.  Of particular interest to me will be the Day 2 session on leveraging data to obtain consumer insights, followed by such timely topics as: consumer satisfaction, loyalty in tough economic times, reducing carbon footprint and the use of social media in product recalls.

    I’m also attending the extra data workshop on Wednesday which I know will be a great way to continue to enhance this important area of consumer care for my company.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago.  I hope you are as excited as I am.

    Eileen Troise – Dannon