SOCAP International


  • Using the Network to Benchmark

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Tom Asher of Levi Strauss & Co. speaks about how SOCAP networking helped him benchmark best practices in customer service and enabled his team to lay out a longterm service strategy:

    Tom will be co-moderating the Retail Industry Breakout session.

  • Getting Ready for Retail

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Looking forward to the retail discussions today.  I am especially interested to hear about what we as retailers are noticing in the industry, the good, bad and the ugly…

    Extra – Extra! Tom Asher, of Levi Strauss and former Chairman of the board for SOCAP will be stepping in as co-moderator for the retail vertical today.  You don’t want to miss this!

    Lastly, please be sure to arrive for the session on time.  There will be some critical information presented in the first few minutes of the discussion that you need to be aware of that will prove very important for you to maximize your experience.  We have a lot of valuable information to cover in a short amount of time.  Find us in Renaissance A at 11:00am sharp.

    See you soon.

    Iasha Rivers – Macy’s

  • Diving for Buried Treasure

    Posted on: 04/19/2009

    Expectations should run high for this Symposium – certainly mine are.

    Most of us have our brains clenched, trying to help take our companies to the next level while navigating the treacherous waters of the global economy. And that’s a real “back to the future” moment for SOCAP.

    Most of us weren’t around in 1973 when SOCAP was founded, and so it’s worth remembering that our organization was born into the financial rags and tatters of one of the worst economic downturns in a generation. Members weren’t suffering from bloated budgets, looking for outlets for unwanted money.  Times were tough, and they were diving for buried treasure.

    And they found it. Consistently. That’s why our organization’s still thriving today. So don your swim fins and oxygen tanks, and bring up a haul for your company!

    John Cronce – Jockey

  • Kicking Off the SOCAP Symposium

    Posted on: 04/19/2009

    Today is the official start of the conference, although I must admit that several of us did a great job ”unofficially” kicking it off last night.  It is always fun to reconnect with SOCAP friends and colleagues.

    I am looking forward to the Industry specific meetings on Monday and the reporting workshop on Wednesday. I have no doubt that these two sessions alone will enable me to go back to the office with an abundance of take-aways to apply to my team!

    I hope everyone is ready for an exciting session – I know I am!

    Lynn Reilly – Pinnacle Foods

  • "What SOCAP Means to Me"

    Posted on: 04/18/2009

    At the 2008 SOCAP Annual Conference, I had an opportunity to sit down with Matt Sanders of Hyatt and ask him what SOCAP means to him.

    Here’s an excerpt from that video:

    Matt is blogging from the 2009 SOCAP Symposium.