SOCAP International


  • Key Issues: Household & Personal Care

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Here are some of the key issues discussed in the Household & Personal Care industry session:

    Household & Personal Care

    • Quality Monitoring – a “yes” doesn’t always mean a structured program
    • Use and management of social media
    • Operational Metrics for efficiency -
      • Doing more with less
      • Use of technology to drive efficiency
      • Managing consumers’ perceptions during crisis situations
    • Measuring occupancy vs. utilization – companies use different terms
    • Ways for consumer affairs to gain respect of customers that result in buy-in for programs/service targets and budgets
  • Key Issues: Travel & Hospitality

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Here are some of the key issues discussed in the Travel & Hospitality industry session:

    Travel & Hospitality
    . Doing More with Less
    . Maintaining quality and turnaround time with less staff
    . Managing customer expectations with media and government pressures
    . Customer Satisfaction - impact of scoring and tying to revenue
    . Agent retention practices
    . Evolving process management
    . Complaint Management - providing a speedy resolution

  • Conversations Turn into Content

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    During the 2008 Annual Conference, Iasha Rivers of Macy’s spoke to new members and first timers about her experience in SOCAP:

    Iasha is blogging from the 2009 SOCAP Symposium.

  • Retail - and Social Media & Networking

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Just wrapped our vertical session.  A major request and/or interest area was…get ready for this…


    Our group not only wants to learn how to use it, but wants to be on the cutting edge of maximizing the opportunities available with its use.

    I am now sitting in on the Monday evening general session with Lisa Mann,VP for Consumer Experiences for Kraft Food.  And guess what she is talking about? – Leveraging social media in consumer experiences. 

    Consumers are experiencing a level of control like none other and we need to keep up with their expectations on how we respond to their inquiries, comments and complaints.

    Fascinating stuff!

    Iasha Rivers – Macy’s

  • Household & Personal Care Digests Benchmarking Data

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Household and personal care industry community is digesting benchmarking data and exploring how much of the “gold standards’ apply to their specific companies. Lots of ahas and thought provoking discussion.

    More to come!

    Sheila Sullivan – Coty