SOCAP International


  • A Wonderful Time on Day 1

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    A wonderful time at the conference so far reconnecting with old friends and making many new ones.

    Today was spent with the industry communities where I moderated the travel and hospitality session.  We were a small group but had some great discussions and wonderful ideas.  We identified unanimously that our highest priority was to get more participation from our industry in the SOCAP organization.

    I know that we are going to have another great day tomorrow!  I’m looking forward to hearing Amy Curtis-McIntyre speak!

    Matt Sanders – Hyatt

  • First day thoughts

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    I think everyone will agree that its been a long but informative and productive day at the symposium.  The learnings shared from the benchmark study gave me some good insights into where I match up with other companies in the food and beverage industry.  I already have a long list of things to take back to my team!

    I won’t go into the details of what I learned from the community meetings today, mostly because my brain is so full of stuff that I can’t get it all into a clear, usable format!  I will say that the discussions we started at our breakouts today have spilled over into the evening, and I’m sure we’ll continue to discuss them in the days and weeks to follow.

    I hope that some of the ideas we began to generate today gain some traction and we are able to follow through with them.  I know I’m particularly interested in the social media aspect of consumer affairs.  Bob Evans has recently started discussions with our customers on Facebook, Twitter and through the use of company blogs and we feel like we’re starting to have the two way conversations that our customers are looking for.  I’d love to be involved in initiatives to help move social media forward not only for my company but for others who are interested.

    I’m looking forward to the sessions tomorrow, but I’m going to call it a night so my brain can rest and be refreshed for the morning!

    Sarah Meenach – Bob Evans

  • Day 1 - SOCAP Symposium

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Enjoyed kicking off the day with Seth Kahan – he had good energy and I am hoping to read his book “Building Beehives”.

    Interesting to hear Seth’s recap of the influence that blogs/social media had on Obama’s campaign.

    Seth’s discussion has given me the idea to build a community of internal partners when I move our consumer care software to a web-based version, as means to network internal partners.

    COPC findings – survey results were interesting; now that we’ve built list of what we want to work on in F&B industry community meeting, we need to dedicate time to come up with best practices around the topics.  Need to collectively determine  best way to calculate cost per contact and critical / top questions for consumer satisfaction surveys.

    Eileen Troise – Dannon

  • The SOCAP Night Life: The Secret CHA-CHING!

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    So much has been said about the first day’s outstanding value that it’s worth noting the easily over-looked value of the SOCAP Night Life!

    Have dinner with peers and mix business with pleasure! We all have a favorite topic that’s just begging for insider insights, and a SOCAP dinner is one of the best places to get them.  Whether it was covered today or not, what does everybody at your table REALLY think…?  For frank, honest straight talk, there’s no better opportunity.

    And when you have a few moments in your room, book a 15-minute meeting with one of the most important people at the conference: you! And that’s not just an ego rant. You’re the only person who can translate all the day’s insights into an action plan that will add value at your company. So you need to talk to you!

    Take 15 minutes to bullet key opportunities for your company, and outline key steps. Then book some meetings on your calendar to turn those steps into action!  I’ve done this for years, and it’s given me a list of SOCAP coups as long as your arm. Some are big, while others (perhaps more) are powerful tactical improvements that kick powerful strategies up a notch.  (Don’t miss the low-hanging fruit and quick wins!)

    John Cronce – Jockey

  • Key Issues: Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

    Posted on: 04/20/2009

    Here are some of the key issues discussed in the Retail & Consumer Goods industry session:

    Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

    • Customer Satisfaction – majority of companies focus on phone only
    • Quality Monitoring – variations across centers and sites; majority measure monthly
    • Uniqueness of pharmaceutical/medical devices industry – training cycles, attrition, deviation processes, definition of successful call, not ROI based, complaint management process
    • Handling regulations and continuing to deliver quality