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  • SOCAP Social Media Webinar

    Posted on: 05/21/2009

    LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter.oh, my! Online social networking is fast becoming a "must" for businesses and individuals. If you've hesitated to get involved or don't know how, join us for this informative webinar. You will receive an overview of the three most important online networks and learn which ones are right for your goals.

    Discussion topics include:

    • Understanding the social media landscape
    • A basic introduction to creating a great profile and using the best features of LinkedIn and Facebook
    • Trying Twitter
    • Growing your online presence
    • Answers to your most burning questions about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

    Below is an open thread for commenting on the Social Media Webinar. Feel free to add comments!

  • How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

    Posted on: 05/15/2009

    A few days ago, Mashable (the top social media blog) ran a HOW TO: article on using Twitter for customer service. Here’s a quick overview of the points covered:

    • Step 1. Understand why Twitter is an ideal customer service platform
    • Step 2. Track the ENTIRE conversation around your brand
    • Step 3. Make customers aware of your presence
    • Step 4. Respond quickly and transparently
    • Step 5. Be engaged in the conversations
    • Step 6. Be authentic

    Read the entire article. It’s well worth the read.

  • Twitter & Brands

    Posted on: 04/27/2009

    Let’s try this Twitter style: 140 characters max per paragraph. No embedded links. (Click the URL instead).

    -Last week, I posted “That’s Great – But How Do I Use It in My Business,” discussing ways to use Twitter in biz:

    -Below are some other Twitter biz resources, found on Mashable (excellent social media blog –

    -#1) “The 7 Ways to Approach Twitter” –

    -#2) “40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them” –

    Hope these help!

    Cindy Collins Smith – SOCAP

  • SOCAP Post-Symposium Thoughts

    Posted on: 04/25/2009

    One of my short-term goals coming out of the Symposium is to continue to dial-up consumer feedback in my company – based on some of the presentations I attended and Data Reporting Workshop, I’m going to focus on reading even more verbatim comments to try to get to even more insights.  Also, looking  forwarding to sharing more call recordings and further bring to life ECHO – every contact has an opportunity (a thought that Marie Shubin of Gallo shared).

    Also planning to meet with Public Relations at my company to get a an update on the details of how were are already listening to social media and to discuss how we can do more.

    As a SOCAPer chairing the conference committee, I’d like to encourage everyone that attended the Symposium to fill out the Symposium evaluation form that was emailed to participants.  Your input really helps drive decisions about the upcoming Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona – October 11-14th and other conferences in 2010.

    Eileen Troise – Dannon

  • Reflections from a Train

    Posted on: 04/22/2009

    Well, I’m on a train heading home reflecting on what a wonderful conference it was.

    I went into the office for a bit and was able to talk to Amy Curtis-McIntyre. What a dynamic and fun person! She really is a neat lady.

    I’m glad to have met and spent time with even more wonderful SOCAP members and have a long list of people that I can’t wait to see in Tuscon!!!

    Matt Sanders – Hyatt