SOCAP International


  • Spotlight Session Takeaways

    Posted on: 10/13/2009

    There was not much social media action taking place during the Tuesday morning Spotlight sessions. Perhaps thumbs were hurting, as Barry Dalton noted on Twitter, or maybe people knew the sessions were being recorded.

    Still, we did manage to get a few takeaways from these sessions to share here on the blog:

    Thanks to Kim Boyer and Scott Gluck for tweeting during the social media session and to Matthew D’Uva for posting to Facebook from the executive session.

    Feel free to add any other takeaways to the comments thread.

  • Emily Yellin and John Moore DoubleTeam for Stunning General Session

    Posted on: 10/13/2009

    On Tuesday morning, the general session featuring keynote speakers Emily Yellin and John Moore generated non-stop social media activity!

    Some of the attendees’ “most valuable lessons learned” came from this session—most notably, the observations about employee loyalty:

    • Treat employees well and they will treat customers well.. We all think we do it, but do we? (Emily Yellin)
    • "I have yet to find a company that earned high levels of customer loyalty without first earning employee loyalty." (John Moore)
    • Employee loyalty leads to customer loyalty. (John Moore)
    • Competitors can replicate products, but they can't reproduce company culture. (John Moore)

    We’ve got a lot of great Twitter takeaways from this session: Do you have any insights you’d like to add? You can still post them to the comments thread.

  • Do More With Less: Lead Innovation

    Posted on: 10/12/2009

    Trend guru Jeremy Gutsche’s advice, while applicable to marketers and CEOs, is just what we need: Make a cultural connection.

    Whether we’re fighting budget battles or striving to raise awareness of consumer insights, a cultural connection could be just what tips the balance. Unlike reports and presentations, cultural connections imply engaging your audience to think new ways by DOING, not just by listening.

    So maybe plopping one your decision-makers on the phones to talk to real consumers isn’t so terrifying after all…

    And how else can we engage those people we’ve worked for years to influence? Risk a failure!

    John Cronce — Jockey

  • Create Elegant Solutions - Go Lean

    Posted on: 10/12/2009

    During the Monday afternoon general session, keynote speaker Matthew May focused on the leanness of elegance, challenging listeners to create a “Stop Doing This” list. Some attendees considered this the most valuable learning from the conference.

    We captured the live tweeting from this session in the comments: If you have any additional insights, feel free to use the comments thread to share them!

  • Online Customer Service Evolved - Any Other Session Takeaways?

    Posted on: 10/12/2009

    During the Monday afternoon breakout sessions, live tweeters faced some technical difficulties. We got a few takeaways tweeted out from the session “Online Customer Service Evolved,” which we posted in the comments thread:

    If you have any additional takeaways from the Monday afternoon sessions, we’d love to hear them.
    Here are the sessions:

    • Motivating & Retaining Agents in a Down Economy (San Xavier)
    • Customer Service: From Bad to Better to Branded (Arizona Salon 10 & 11)
    • Online Customer Service Evolved (Arizona Salon 8 & 9)